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The NCSR Wetland Ecology and Management Series is provided by the Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources and includes seven modules. This series “is designed to support the instruction of wetlands topics at the undergraduate level.” The seven modules include Wetlands – An Introduction, Wetlands - Then and Now, Wetlands Management I – Determination and Delineation, Wetlands Management II – Compensatory Mitigation, Wetlands and Climate Change, Wetlands and Hurricanes, and Wetland Restoration in the Everglades.

Wetlands and Climate Change is the fifth of seven modules. “This module describes the complex relationship between wetlands and climate change. The role of wetlands in global carbon budgets and as sources and sinks of greenhouse gases is discussed. Anticipated impacts of climate change on both coastal and inland wetlands are also presented.”

Module Contents:

The PowerPoint presentation includes lecture notes and includes four main sections: The Climate – wetlands connection, Impact of wetlands on climate change, Impact of climate change on wetlands, and Carbon trading in wetlands.  

The 47-page instructional guide provides information about the module and includes ten sections: NCSR Wetland Ecology and Management Series Introduction, Wetlands and Climate Change Module Description, Objectives, General Lecture Outline, PowerPoint Presentation with Instructor Notes, Resources, Video Resources, General and Comprehensive Resources, Details on Comprehensive Web Sites, and Sources for Digital Images. 

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