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Personal Protective Equipment Learning Module

Module Description:

This module, from Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME), provides an overview of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in manufacturing and laboratory environments. The module also covers "the purpose of PPE and what type of PPE is required for different tasks." This module is divided into the following three units: Primary Knowledge Unit, PPE Activity, and LM Assessment. 

Module Contents: 

This module includes four instructor guides, three participant guides, and a PowerPoint presentation. PDF and DOC versions are provided for all of the guides. The included guides are Personal Protective Equipment Primary Knowledge, Activity, and Assessment. Instructor guides include additional content such as instructor notes and questions and answers. A Learning Module Map (LM) Instructor Guide is also included. 

The LM map provides information about the module including module contents, target audience, and a map that is divided into the following three sections: Important Steps, Key Points, and Reasons. 

Personal Protective Equipment Primary Knowledge is an instructional unit that discusses the following concepts:

  • Why PPE is important in microsystems manufacturing
  • Types of PPE used in microsystems manufacturing
  • How to use the PPE appropriately

The following sections are included in this unit guide: Purpose, Introduction, Objectives, Dependencies, Key Terms, Types of Hazards Present in Microsystems Manufacturing, Routes of Entry of Hazardous Chemicals, Common Health Effects Caused by Exposure to these Hazardous Chemicals, PPE - Protection for Respiratory System, PPE- Protection for Hands, PPE - Protection for Body, and more. 

The PPE Activity includes a crossword puzzle that utilizes students knowledge of PPE and four post-activity questions. 

The PPE Assessment includes 10 questions and is intended to be given to students after the primary knowledge unit and activity.

A PowerPoint presentation is also provided and includes a unit overview, objectives, and information about PPE. A PDF version is also included.

For orientation purposes the 'Saf_PPE_LM_Map' PDF is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this module. 

Below is a list of the files included in the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Personal Protective Equipment Learning Module (24 files, 7.7 MB)

  • Instructors Guides
    • PDFs
      • Activity Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_AC50_IG.pdf 147 KB)
      • Final Assessment Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_FA50_IG.pdf 181 KB)
      • Primary Knowledge Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_PK50_IG.pdf 771 KB)
      • Learning Module Map (Saf_PPE_LM_Map.pdf 106 KB)
    • Words Docs
      • Learning Module Map (Saf_PPE_LM_Map_March2017.docx 53 KB
      • Primary Knowledge Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_PK50_IG_March2017.docx  88 KB)
      • Final Assessment Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_FA50_IG_March2017.docx 1.1 MB)
      • Activity Instructor Guide (Saf_HazMat_AC50_IG_March2017.docx 26 KB)
  • Participant Guides
    • PDFs
      • Activity Participant Guide (Saf_HazMat_AC50_PG.pdf 131 KB)
      • Assessment Participant Guide (Saf_HazMat_FA50_PG.pdf 152 KB)
      • Primary Knowledge Participant Guide (Saf_HazMat_PK50_PG.pdf 765 KB)
    • Word Docs
      • Primary Knowledge Participant Guide (Saf_HazMat_PK50_PG_March2017.docx 44 KB)
      • Assessment Participant Guide (Saf_HazMat_FA50_PG_March2017.docx 91 KB)
      • Activity Participant Guide(Saf_HazMat_AC50_PG_March2017.docx 1.1 MB)
  • Presentations
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Presentation (Presentation_PPE.pdf 2 MB)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE_Presentation.pptx 785 KB)
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