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The NCSR Pictorial Series of presentations are designed to provide faculty, teachers and other natural resource professionals an informal PowerPoint presentation on selected environmental settings. The presentations consist of pictures of the natural environment and feature plants, animals and landscapes of the area. The presentation's intended theme is to show diverse audiences interesting aspects of various environments. As a result, the presentations can stimulate learning more about the features of various natural settings and why they are both different and changing.

The PowerPoint presentation features photography by Lester Reed, NCSR Project Director, and includes lecture notes. Travel from Portland, Oregon up the Columbia River to the Palouse River, crossing dams along the river as you view the scenic landscapes. Then head south to the Monterey Bay area for additional scenic photos and presentations on the marine life in that area.

The 21-page document provides information about the NCSR Pictorial Series, an introduction to the lecture, and Instructor's Notes from PowerPoint Slides.

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