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The ATE Outreach Kit, created and published by ATE Central, helps grantees in the ATE community create, enhance, and execute successful outreach efforts. The Outreach Kit is organized into four parts: Planning, Social Media, Communications, and Resources. In the Planning section, visitors will find best practices, an assessment tool for current outreach practices, samples of that tool in action, and resources for outreach planning. The Social Media section contains descriptions of popular social media outlets, tips on creating an organizational profile, information about blogs and various analytics tools, and further resources on social media. In the Communication section, visitors can read about how to create a mission statement, key messages, press releases and other communications, creating a media kit, choosing appropriate media outlets and outreach paths, along with additional resources for further information. The final section, Resources, contains helpful pages and documents supplements to the Outreach Kit, including downloads from the Kit, ATE/NSF resources, other free and inexpensive outreach tools, and suggested reading.

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