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Electronic Communication Instructor Guide: Using Digi International’'s XBee Modules


This collection, provided by provided by eSyst: Tools for Electronics Education, includes an instructor guide and supporting files for the Using Digi International's XBee Modules lab activity. This lab is intended "to introduce the instructor to Digi International's XBee wireless modules; and to provide the instructor with several working examples of data being transmitted and received using these modules." This resource has the following three goals: 

  1. Set up two XBee modules to communicate with each other via two PCs.  
  2. Configure an XBee module to transmit the status of several input pins and configure another XBee module to receive their status.  
  3. Configure an XBee module to perform A/D conversion on one of its analog inputs and transmit the data to a receiving XBee module that is connected to a PC.  The PC will use National Instruments LabView to view the A/D data.

Below is a list of files contained in the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Xbee Instructor Guide with LabView (4 files, 1.6 MB)

  • LAB: Using Digi International's XBee Modules (XBee_Instructor_Resource.doc 1.4 MB)
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