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Microprocessor Instructor Guide: Adder/Subtractor


This 18-page instructor guide, provided by eSyst: Tools for Electronics Education, is for a microprocessor Operation of Full Adder and Subtractor Using Xilinx ISE 9.2i lab activity. "The purpose of this lab is to introduce the student to Xilinx software, Spartan 3E FPGA board, how to program in VHDL and create the hardware connections between the development board and your PC." This guide includes the following sections: Purpose, Systems Rationale, System Concepts, Learning Outcomes, Learning Objectives, and more.

The lab has the following learning outcomes: "Represent quantities in binary codes; convert between the decimal and binary number systems. Convert between the hex and binary codes. Perform basic math operations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide in binary. Name the basic sections and components of a digital computer. Debug a program using the debugger section of a development system."  

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