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DC/AC Instructor Presentation: Introduction to Semiconductor Materials


This PowerPoint presentation is provided by Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) and includes an introduction to semiconductor devices. The presentation defines semiconductors, shows basic atomic structures, summarizes types of semiconductor materials, and introduces PN junctions and diodes. An overview of the concept of a transistor and how it is used in electronics is also provided. 

Student Learning Outcomes for this presentation include the following:

  • Define conductor, insulator and semiconductor, and state the resistance or conductance of each.
  • Name at least three semiconductor materials and state the most widely used. 
  • Name the basic structure of material and explain how is is formed with atoms. 
  • Define doping and name the two types of semiconductor material formed with doping.
  • Name the current carriers in N and P-type material. 
  • Explain how current flows in semiconductor material.
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