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Chocolate Factory: High School Lesson Plan


Lesson Description:
This collection from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FLATE) Center includes two lessons intended to help students better understand the "general properties of melting points and emulsions." The first activity, intended for middle or high school students, asks students to review emulsion principles and theory before giving them a 'design problem' to guide them in the creation of a candy bar based on what they know about emulsions. A second activity, intended only for high school classes, asks students to compare the composition and melting time of several different kinds of chocolate. Both activities utilize group work and experimentation, and expect the class to report back with findings and recommendations. 

Lesson Contents:
Each lesson includes a lesson plan, student worksheet, grading rubric, and an answer sheet. A chocolate factory company fact sheet and a teacher reference sheet is also included.

The 2-page lesson plans include the nature of the lesson, targeted subject areas, learning objectives, standards addressed, materials needed, key terms, a description of the activity, and links to additional resources.  

The 3-page student worksheets include a design problem, design requirements, pre-activity questions, and activity instructions and questions. 

The 4-page teacher reference sheet includes important definitions, things to know about chocolate, and additional resources. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

ChocolateFactory-HS (13 files, 1.2 MB)

  • Fact Sheet (Fact Sheet Peterbrooke.docx 60 KB)
  • Lesson_1
    • Teacher Answer Sheet (Create your own Chocolate MS and HS-Answers.docx 84 KB)
    • Teacher Reference Sheet (MS and HS Chocolate Lesson_ Teacher Reference Sheet.docx 99 KB)
    • Student Worksheet (MS and HS- Create your own chocolate bar-Student Worksheet.doc 224 KB)
    • Teacher Grading Rubric (MS and HS-Create your own chocolate Teacher Grading Rubric-.doc 78 KB)
    • Teacher Lesson Plan (MS and HS-Create your own Chocolate Teacher Lesson Plan.doc 117 KB)
  • Lesson_2
    • Teacher Grading Rubric (HS-Which type chocolate melts fastest- Teacher Grading Rubric-.docx 55 KB)
    • Student Worksheet (Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest_HS_ Student Worksheet.docx 145 KB)
    • Teacher Answer Sheet (Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest_HS_Teacher Answer Sheet.docx 251 KB)
    • Teacher Lesson Plan (Which Type of Chocolate Melts the Fastest_HS_Teacher Lesson Plan.docx 64 KB)
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