An Overview of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Technologies with Auto Electrical Labs


Module Description:

This Overview of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Technologies module consists of a PowerPoint presentation, labs, and syllabus designed to enhance automotive electrical courses with HEV technologies and was developed through seed funding from the Center for Advanced Automotive Technologies (CAAT).

Module Contents:

The PowerPoint provides a general overview of HEVs and the technologies powering them. It’s 190 slides and has two areas of focus: 1) Basic theory of operation, and 2) Safety and service procedures. The following subjects are discussed: 1) Types of HEV systems (Ex: parallel, series, and series-parallel), 2) Safety when working with HEVs (Ex: isolating systems/disable high voltage circuits, high voltage gloves, and insulated tools), 3) Testing HEV components (Ex: insulation tests), 4) Electrical differences between similar components of standard vehicles and HEVs (Ex: voltage, starter, and air conditioning), 5) Transaxle integration, 6) Power steering, 7) Regenerative braking, and 8) Correct service procedures for HEV components (Ex: battery, jump start, and multimeter use). Differences between types of hybrid systems are compared for the Chevy Volt, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Toyota Prius. After viewing this presentation, a technician should have a basic understanding of HEVs' electrical systems and their differences from traditional vehicles when servicing.

The labs supplementing the presentation cover: 1) HEV battery info, 2) HEV safety, 3) HEV system overview, 4) Insulation testing, and 5) Jump starting an HEV.

For orientation purposes and for educators looking to modify current courses, AUTO 246 HEV Updates Highlighted.pdf is a syllabus that has highlighted fields where HEV technologies were incorporated into an automotive electrical course at Lewis and Clark Community College.

Below is a list of the files attached. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

An Overview of Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Technologies with Auto Electrical Labs (145MB 7 files)

  • Overview of Hybrid and Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV) Technology Presentation (4.2MB)
  • AUTO 246 Syllabus (AUTO 246 HEV Updates Highlighted.doc 45KB)
  • Locate High Voltage Battery Information Lab (HEV battery info.doc 27KB)
  • Demonstrate General Safety When Servicing HEV Lab (HEV safety.doc 4.7MB)
  • HEV (Toyota Prius) System Overview Lab (HEV system overview.doc 28KB)
  • Testing HEV Insulation Lab (Insulation Testing.doc 22.4MB)
  • Jump Starting an HEV (Jump start HEV battery.doc 30.5MB)
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