GeoTech Center presents a series of model courses on GIS, spatial technologies, and related subjects. This internship course is a "structured experience in a supervised setting that is related to the student's major and career interests." This course "provides students with an overview of procedural, professional, and ethical issues faced by a geospatial technician on the job." Student learning outcomes include: 

  1. Apply critical-thinking skills to solve problems by generating, evaluating, and implementing geospatial solutions.
  2. Demonstrate geospatial skills associated with professional, competent, and ethical behaviors associated [with] sound project management.
  3. demonstrate soft skills that are needed in the geospatial technology workplace.
  4. Write an effective resume and demonstrate successful job interview skills.
  5. Evaluate and assess how organizational structure and culture impacts relationships, production, and communication among team members.
  6. Evaluate professional interest through reflection on the internship experience through knowledge and awareness of range of various geospatial occupations.

This course web page includes a syllabus and a number of other course materials.

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