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This project is developing, disseminating, and maintaining activities that broadly promote and disseminate the impact and outcomes of the Centers supported through the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program. The goal is to inform stakeholders of the resources and services offered through the coalition of ATE centers. The overall outcome is a community that makes informed decisions and takes informed actions to promote and support technician education and a competitive workforce in the United States. The project objectives include: print publications, an interactive website, branded displays, and joint ATE Center exhibits at both national and regional meetings. These activities are: increasing decision makers' and influencers' knowledge of ATE program activities and accomplishments; raising other educators' awareness of ATE resources and services; cultivating new partnerships to advance initiatives important to the nation's technological workforce and STEM education; and creating a distinct and national brand for the advanced technological education centers and projects that receive support from the National Science Foundation. The broader impacts of the project are significant. The website, print publications, and joint center exhibits emphasize the range of disciplines supported by the centers. These efforts support the entire ATE community and further disseminate the program outcomes to new audiences.

This is a collaborative project, managed by Maricopa County Community College District and Hillsborough Community College.

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Award Number 1040932, 1261914, 1261893
Funding Status
ATE Start Date 2010-08-01
ATE Expiration Date 2018-03-31
ATE Principal Investigator Michael Lesiecki
Primary Institution Maricopa County Community College District
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