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High School Level Nanotech Academy Activities


This web page, from the Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge Support Center (NACK Center), includes a collection of activities that was created for a nanotechnology camp for high school students. The following activities are included:

  • Activity A: Welcome
  • Activity B: Scavenger Hunt
  • Activity C: Introduction to Nanotechnology and Cleanroom Suit Race
  • Activity D: Cleanroom Tour
  • Activity E: Consumer Products
  • Activity F: Materials Matter
  • Activity G: Introduction to Nanotechnology Video
  • Activity H: Consumer Product Testing
  • Activity I: Photolithography
  • Activity J: Microscopy
  • Activity K: Materials
  • Activity L: Surface Properties
  • Activity M: An Introduction to MEMS and WiiMote
  • Activity N: NMT Capstone Semester Student Presentation
  • Activity O: Quiz Game

These introductory level activities are available for download in .doc format. Users must create a free log in to access the materials. 

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