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Tutorial: Introduction to ArcGIS 10: Focused on Natural Hazards - Landslides and Wild Fires

Tutorial Description:

This exercise, created by the Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training Project (iGETT), serves as a tutorial for introductory Geographic Information Systems (GIS), using real-world environmental data on natural hazards from San Bernardino County, California, to introduce students to ArcGIS 10 ArcMap, ArcCatalog, Imagery Tools, and Spatial and 3d Analyst Extensions. The tutorial is divided into five parts, each "introducing new and more advanced processes or techniques for displaying and analyzing data​." All five exercises include a corresponding Word and PDF file, as well as data for the entire tutorial.

By completing the exercise, students will learn basic to advanced geo-processing skills in ArcGIS 10, including skills in visualizing data analysis in maps and graphs, the creation and population of geo-databases, the creation of 3D animations with the Spatial and Analyst extensions, and the use of Imagery Tools for remote sensing processes. The tutorial builds skills in critical thinking and data analysis.

The entire tutorial is expected to take about 12 hours of class time, although part one may be excluded if students have a basic working knowledge of the ArcGIS software. This introductory tutorial assumes the understanding of the basic use of a PC, file management, and the use of the Internet.

Tutorial Contents:

The attached files associated with this tutorial exist in a variety of formats and a variety of geospatial data file types.

Below is a list of the files contained in the .zip attachment, with the file name and size provided in parenthesis.

Student Handouts

  • Landslides Tutorial Part V (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_V_Final.pdf 6.7MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part IV (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_IV_Final.pdf 2.9MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part III (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_III_Final.pdf 887KB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part II (Landslides_Tutorial_Part II_Final.pdf 454KB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part I (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_I_Final.pdf 5.2MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part V (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_V_Final.doc 18.5MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part IV (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_IV_Final.doc 2.8MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part III (Landslides Tutorial Part III - April_2012.doc 879KB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part I (Landslides_Tutorial_Part_I_Final.doc 4.9MB)
  • Landslides Tutorial Part II (Landslides_Tutorial_Part II_Final.doc 335KB)

SB_CA_GeoV2 (data)

  • Miscellaneous
    • (3D Landslides Visualization.asa 7KB)
    • (A to A Profile.grf 9KB)
    • 4Success-Tragedy.pdf 1.3MB)
  • Table
    • (Test_Data.xlsx 8KB)
    • (PlaceHolder file.docx 10KB)
  • Image
    • RS_Image (13 data files, 30.2MB)
    • Photos (9 data files, 13.4MB)
  • Geodatabase
    • ​​SanBern.gdb (119 data files, 35MB)
    • info (1 data file, 10KB)
    • LYR_Files (11 data files, 175KB)
  • (​SB_Geology_AG10.mxd 139KB)
  • (SB_Geology_V1.mxd 788KB)
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