Module Description:

This module, created by the Center for Nanotechnology Education (Nano-Link), introduces students to the "... technologies that use forces and interactions at the nanoscale to treat water." In this module, students will learn about how the dominant forces that affect nanomaterials are different than what might be assumed, and focuses "attention on the kinds of interactions that nanomaterials have with contaminants." The module outcomes include: being able to compare the effectiveness of different nanotechnologies to treat contaminated water and preparing present technical information about a water treatment system. 

Module Contents:

This module includes a lesson guide, a PowerPoint slide, and a learning standards alignment document. 

The 24-page guide includes an abstract, background information on water treatment, an activity description and procedure, discussion questions, and more. 

Versions in Spanish are also included for most of the module documents.

For orientation purposes NanoTreatment Ver 110218.pdf is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this module. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachments. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

Nanotreatment (4 files, 2.8 MB)

  • NanoTreatment for Water Module Guide (NanoTreatment Ver 110218.docx 1.9 MB)
  • Engineering Design Cycle (NanoTreatment_v1 (3).pptx51 KB)
  • Alignment of NanoTreatment Module to NGSS & CCSS(NanoTreatment.pdf 805 KB)

Nanotreatment (Spanish) (5 files, 4.7 MB)

  • Nanotratamientodel agua (Nanotratamiento - Nano-Link.docx 2 MB)
  • Nanotratamientodel agua (Nanotratamiento - Nano-Link.pdf 1.1 MB)
  • Nanotratamiento (Nanotratamiento - Nano-Link.pptx 1.1 MB)
  • Presentación (Presentación - Nanotratamiento - Nano-Link.pdf 536 KB)
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