Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing and Materials (TEAMM)


The manufacturing industry has progressed beyond traditional subtractive processes. Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are emerging as key enabling practices for modern design and end product development and are revolutionizing the manufacturing process. The advancement of 3D printing or AM, in both consumer and commercial markets, is highly dependent upon innovations that improve printer capabilities, speed, and materials. As new materials are developed and 3D printers are increasingly capable of utilizing multiple materials, it is imperative that technicians understand these materials' properties both individually and as they are combined during the AM process. To address this gap in the convergence of additive manufacturing and materials, the Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing and Materials (TEAMM) project will forge a new collaborative network of public and private sector stakeholders to address the identification and adaption of skills standards to keep pace with advances in research and development.

TEAMM will serve as a catalyst to engage an international network of stakeholders to ensure that technician education meets industry standards and needs. TEAMM will improve access to instructional tools and curriculum modules that keep pace with the rapid rate of innovation and industry adoption of new and existing materials in the additive manufacturing and materials processes. Through social networking, TEAMM will improve education and establish network communications, collaboration and dissemination in a sustainable manner. TEAMM will support the education and development of new subject matter experts through professional development and access to network collaborators. The network will enable subject matter experts to customize instructional tools and resources to directly respond to and support the advancement of regional economies, further advancing this technology through a skilled and educated technician workforce.

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ATE Start Date
July 1st, 2015
ATE Expiration Date
June 30th, 2021
ATE Principal Investigator
Imelda Cossette
Primary Institution
Edmonds Community College
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