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Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT Degree Programs at River Valley Community College


Program Description:

River Valley Community College, in association with Program Development in Cybersecurity with Focus on Business and Healthcare Concepts, has developed a 4-semester Associate Degree program and a shorter Certificate Program to prepare students for working the Information Assurance (IA) field with a focus on Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT. Courses are intended to prepare students for assuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT systems and networks in healthcare settings, where scheduling, storage of images, filling prescriptions, billing and more are handled and stored using information technology.

Promotional Material Contents:

Promotional resources available for this program include a Certificate Program Brochure, an Associate Degree Program Brochure, a Certificate Program Informational Handout, and an Associate Degree Informational Handout.

The 2-page color Brochure PDFs include general information about the Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT field, the program itself, information about program connections to Dartmouth College’s Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) Consortium and the NSF ATE community, course offerings unique to the degree and certificate programs, information on jobs in the field, accreditation information and benefits of studying at River Valley Community College, as well as a list of marketable skills gained by completing the Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT Certificate or Associate Degree Program.

The 1-page Informational Handout PDFs include general information about the programs, as well as course requirements broken down by course ID, title, hours and credits. Learning objectives for each program are also included. 

Below is a list of the files attached. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

 Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT (4 files, 1.4MB)

  • Associate Degree Brochure (Brochure AS.pdf 619KB)
  • Certificate Program Brochure (Brochure Certificate.pdf 556KB)
  • Associate Degree Handout (Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT AS Two column.pdf 274KB)
  • Certificate Handout (Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT Certificate Handout.pdf 244KB)
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