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AgrowKnowledge: The National Center for Agriscience & Technology Education

The mission of AgrowKnowledge is to encourage and support improved technical education for community college students enrolled in agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) programs. The AgrowKnowledge network includes community colleges, universities and secondary school partners; and is informed by a 12-member Industry Council, professional and trade organizations, and a 10-member National Visiting Committee. The Center engages in activities developed and sustained by well established partnerships with industry and education representatives throughout the county. Among these activities are professional development workshops for secondary and postsecondary educators that demonstrate how new and emerging technologies may be creatively used in AFNR courses and curricula. The Center maintains a continually updated database of curriculum and planning resources and learning modules. AgrowKnowledge works with its educational and industry partners to encourage the development of seamless linkages in AFNR education along the secondary-postsecondary continuum, and fosters an improved understanding of the technical knowledge and quantitative skills often required for employment in AFNR industries. Partners align their colleges and organizations with work in one of four Resource Technology Teams representing these critical growth areas: (1) Agricultural Environment, Natural Resources and Security; (2) Alternative Energy for Agriculture; (3) Agricultural GIS/GPS Systems; and (4) Agricultural Biotechnology.

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Award Number 0434405, 0802510
ATE Principal Investigator Rick Parker
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ATE Start Date 2004-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2012-06-30
Primary Institution Kirkwood Community College
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