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Module Description:

This Nuclear Mavericks module consists of the Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet, RCNET Module Nuclear Mavericks PDF, Lesson Plan, a PowerPoint Presentation, and Discussion and Presentation Rubrics intended to use with the textbook Nuclear Mavericks: A Biographical Compilation of Men and Women Who Shaped the Nuclear Workforce.  “By incorporating the Nuclear Mavericks textbook into program, students will become familiar with and have a better understanding of pride and ownership in a STEM field and be able to apply lessons learned and takeaways to their own training.”

Module Contents:

The Lesson Plan contains information on the module including an introduction and brief lesson description, learning objectives and outcomes, module procedures, materials needed, a lesson plan and scope of work, lessons learned and takeaways for each book chapter, and supplemental and enrichment material.

The PowerPoint presentation provides a brief description of the textbook, five module learning objectives, and slides for each chapter. Slides provide information on important nuclear workforce individuals and takeaways.

RCNET Discussion Rubric and Presentation Rubric are provided for grading.

The Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet provides some basic information about the textbook.

The RCNET Module Nuclear Mavericks PDF includes all components of the module in one document.

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

RCNET Module – Nuclear Mavericks (17.9MB 6 files)

  • RCNET Nuclear Mavericks Module (1.0  RCNET Module - Nuclear Mavericks - Lesson Plan (Excel).xlsx  25KB)
  • 2RCNET Nuclear Mavericks Presentation (2.0 RCNET Module - Nuclear Mavericks - Presentation (PPT).pptx  13.1MB)
  • RCNET Discussion Rubric (3.0 RCNET Module - Discussion Rubric.xlsx  12KB)
  • RCNET Presentation Ruberic (3.1 RCNET Module - Presentation Rubric.xlsx 12KB)
  • Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet (4.1 Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet (PDF).pdf 337KB)
  • RCNET  Module - Nuclear Mavericks (RCNET Module - Nuclear Mavericks.pdf  4.4MB)
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