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Module Description:

This module was created by the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) and is an introduction to 3D scanning and its applications in the nuclear industry. “This module will explain what 3D scanning is, how and where it can be applied in the nuclear classroom, the implications for nuclear technicians, and the future uses of 3D scanning in the industry. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to: 1. Describe the basic components of a 3D scanner. 2. Identify the types of 3D scanning technology most often used in the nuclear industry. 3. Discuss the applications and limitations of 3D scanning as they pertain to the nuclear industry. 4. Identify and discuss the different types of software, inputs and outputs used for 3D scanning. 5. Recognize and discuss opportunities where 3D Scanning technologies would be applicable in a nuclear environment.” Module materials include a lesson plan, a PowerPoint presentation, pre and post assessments and answer keys, and a RCNET Module – Nuclear 3D Scanning PDF.

Module Contents:

The lesson plan contains information about the module, learning objectives and outcomes, daily procedures for using the module, a list of materials needed, a lesson plan and scope of work, and supplemental and enrichment material.

The PowerPoint presentation provides learning objectives, module topics, and includes information on the basics of 3D scanning, laser scanning, digitizing, why 3D models are needed, limitations, takeaways, digital modeling versus reverse engineering, visualizing 3D data, 3D data in the nuclear world, from digital model to physical object.

A pre assessment test is included to determine students pre-existing knowledge about 3D scanning technology and its nuclear applications. A post assessment is included to determine what students have learned throughout the module. Answer keys are provided for each assessment.

The RCNET Module – Nuclear 3D Scanning .pdf includes all module contents in one document.

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment . The size of each file is included in parenthesis. Files included .xlsx, .pptx, .docx, and .pdf.

RCNET Module – Nuclear 3D Scanning (8 files, 19.6 MB)

  • RCNET Nuclear 3D Scanning Module (1.  RCNET Module - Nuclear 3D Scanning.xlsx 40 KB)
  • Nuclear 3D Scanning Module Presentation (2.0  RCNET Module - Nuclear 3D Scanning.pptx 12.7 MB)
  • PRE Assessment TEST (4.0  RCNET Module - 3D Scanning PRE Assessment -  Test (DOC).docx 18 KB)
  • PRE Assessment KEY (4.1  RCNET Module 3D Scanning PRE  Assessment - ANSWER KEY (DOC).docx 21 KB)
  • POST Assessment TEST (5.0  RCNET Module 3D Scanning POST Assessment -  TEST (DOC).docx 19 KB)
  • POST Assessment KEY (5.1  RCNET Module 3D Scanning POST Assessment -  ANSWER KEY (DOC).docx 20KB)
  • RCNET Nuclear 3D Scanning Module (RCNET Module - Nuclear 3D Scanning.pdf 6.7 MB)
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