Course Description:
Published by the Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources, this is a capstone course for natural resources and fisheries technology programs that follows Aquatic Field and Laboratory Methods I. In the first half of the course students learn techniques for water quality measurement, biological sampling and data analysis and presentation. In the second half of the course students design and implement a comprehensive field study of local stream and lake ecosystems. Standard aquatic sampling techniques such as plankton analysis, electroshocking, macroinvertebrate sampling, seining and otter trawling are employed in this study. The course is designed as a "learning community" in which students work both individually and in teams to achieve a variety of learning outcomes.

Course Content:
This 121-page document provides a course outline that includes a course description, course objectives, student assessment, topics, a detailed schedule, instruction techniques, and notes for instructors. Also included are field notebooks and journals, nine labs and activities, capstones and seminars, and sample quizzes and exams.  

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