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RCNET Maintenance Toolkit: Electrical


Toolkit Description: 

This Electrical course is from RCNET Comprehensive Teaching Toolkit: Maintenance and is drawn from curriculum taught in the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Training Program. The program is designed to train nuclear maintenance technicians to work in nuclear power plants and covers Electrical Maintenance, Instrumentation and Control Maintenance, and Mechanical Maintenance.

For more information about this Toolkit and additional RCNET Toolkits, please visit the RCNET Comprehensive Teaching Toolkit Maintenance record.

Toolkit Course Contents:
RCNET Maintenance Toolkit: Electrical covers the topics of electronic controls, print reading and troubleshooting, electrical distribution, turbine cranes, turbine crane design and maintenance, emergency diesel generators, power conversion, medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear, splices, large termination, and amps.

Materials available as part of the Teaching Toolkit include a course evaluation, a course overview, a lab evaluation, and several PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans. 

The course overview document belongs to Solid State Fundamentals for Electricians and offers learning objectives, and a comprehensive course outline matching ACADs in this area. 

The course evaluation is an adaptable document that provides a questionnaire about the course contents and effectiveness. 

The lab evaluation document provides a place for the instructor to evaluate student achievement through labs and exercises available as part of the course. 

Thirteen multi-part lesson plans are provided and include ACADs, a lesson introduction, classroom guidelines, motivation, comprehensive steps for labs and activities, as well as a summary of main principles with an objectives review, question and answer section, and problem areas.

Twenty-Four PowerPoint presentations are included, and also include ACADs covered in the lesson. 

For orientation purposes the 'Electrical Controls V1 64 Hours lesson plan' PDF is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this course. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Electrical  (42 files 816.4MB)

  • Electronic Controls
    • Course Evaluation (Course Evaluation.DOC 210KB)
    • Electronic Controls Practical Examination (Electronic Controls Practical Examination.pdf 158KB)
    • Electronic Controls V1 64 Hours (Electronic Controls V1 64 Hours.doc 364KB)
    • Electronic Controls V2 80 Hours (Electronic Controls V2 80 Hours.pdf 487KB)
    • Electronic Controls Presentation (Electronic Controls.ppt 12.1MB)
    • Solid State Fundamentals for Electricians Outline (Soild State Fundamentals for Electricians.DOC 245KB)
  • Emergency Diesel Generator
    • Basic Generator Theory Presentation (Basic Generator Theory, EDG.ppt 107.1MB)
    • Basic Generator Theory, EDG Lesson (Basic Generatory Theory, EDG.pdf 354KB)
    • EDG Engine and Generator Controls Troubleshooting Lesson (EDG Engine and Generator Controls Troubleshooting.pdf 332KB)
    • EDG Engine and Generator Controls Troubleshooting Presentation (EDG Engine and Generator Controls Troubleshooting.ppt 31.2MB)​
    • EDG Maintenance and Testing Lesson (EDG Maintenance and Testing.pdf 272KB)
    • EDG Print Reading Fiber Optics Lesson (EDG Print Reading Fiber Optics.pdf 420KB)
    • EDG Print Reading Fiber Optics Presentation (EDG Print Reading Fiber Optics.ppt 18.5MB)​
    • EDG Speed Control System Lesson (EDG Speed Control System.pdf 262KB)​
    • EDG Speed Control System Presentation (EDG Speed Control System.ppt 35.2MB)
    • EDG Voltage Control System Lesson (EDG Voltage Control System.pdf 304KB)
  • Power Conversion, Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and Switchgear 
    • Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and Switchgear Lesson (Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and Switchgear.pdf 344KB)
    • Power Conversion Battery Charger Class Presentation (Power Conversion Battery Charger Class.ppt 11.2MB)
  • Print Reading, Troubleshooting, Electrical Distribution
    • Basic Print Reading Presentation (Basic Print Reading.ppt 28.1MB)
    • Electrical Distribution Presentation (Electrical Distribution.ppt 73.1MB)
    • Electrical Print Reading Lesson (Electrical Print Reading.pdf 440KB)
    • Electrical Print Reading Presentation (Electrical Print Reading.ppt 112.9MB)
    • Switchgear Circuit Breaker Presentation (Switchgear Circuit Breaker.ppt 99.4MB)
    • Troubleshooting Presentation (Troubleshooting.ppt 3.6MB) 
  • Splices, Large Termination, Amp
    • Installation Criteria Cold Shrink Splices Presentation (Installation Criteria Cold Shrink Splices.ppt 71.5MB)
    • Large Termination Amp Lesson (Large Termination_Amp.pdf 347KB)
    • Large Terminations and Raychem Presentation (Large Terminations and Raychem.ppt 149.3MB)
  • Turbine Crane Design and Maintenance 
    • Turbine Crane LP lesson (Turbine Crane LP.pdf 543KB)
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 1 Loads Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 1 Loads.ppt 3.4MB)​
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 2 Design Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 2 Design.ppt 19MB)
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 6 Logic Controller Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 6 Logic Controller.ppt 3.9MB)
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 8 Preventive Maintenance Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 8 Preventive Maintenance.ppt 1.9MB)
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 9 Troubleshooting Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 9 Troubleshooting.ppt 2.3MB)
    • Turbine Crane OBJ 10 Safety and Human Performance Presentation (Turbine Crane OBJ 10 Safety and Human Performance.ppt 3.2MB)
    • Turbine Crane Objective 7 Operation Presentation (Turbine Crane Objective 7 Operation.ppt8.9MB)
    • Turbine Crane OJB 5 Programmable Logic Controller Presentation (Turbine Crane OJB 5 Programmable Logic Controller.ppt 5.2MB)
    • Y Turbine Crane Training Objective 3 Presentation (Y Turbine Crane Training Objective 3 PPt.ppt 2.4MB)
    • Y Turbine Crane Training Presentation (Y Turbine Crane Training PPt.ppt 5.9MB)
  • Turbine Cranes
    • Polar Crane Lesson (Polar Crane.pdf 363KB)
    • Turbine Cranes (Polar Crane) Presentation (Turbine Cranes (Polar Crane).ppt  1.5MB)
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