Program Description:
Environment Science is a series of three courses developed by Chemeketa Community College that addresses environmental topics. Each is a 4-credit course that includes a lab and lecture. The courses are targeted towards students in natural resource areas (e.g. Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Agriculture). This series of courses was added as a requirement for students in the Forest Resources Technology Program at Chemeketa and are intended to introduce students to basic ecological concepts and environmental issues related to natural resource management.

Course Description:
Environmental Science II is intended to familiarize students with environmental problems associated with biological resources. “Ecosystem management will be used as an underlying theme to evaluate issues concerning resource use and management such as food production, deforestation, fisheries management, soil erosion, water-related issues, and the loss of biodiversity. Additionally, the impacts of global climate change on biological resources will be examined.”

Course Contents:
The 125-page .pdf provides a course outline, which includes a course description, five course objectives, student assessment, reading schedule, and topics covered Eleven labs and activities, study guides, and exams are also included.

The Excel document provides charts used in the labs and activities of the course.

The 79-page Word document “is designed for the instructor to use for making modifications to the original Environment Science II Course created by NCSR.”

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