Module Description:

This module examines the impact of non-point sources of pollution on watersheds through multiple classroom sessions, a laboratory, and field-based experience. The module is composed of the following instructional sessions: (1) A preparatory activity in which students use remote sensing and Internet sources to gain a greater understanding of the watershed; (2) A field experience in which students evaluate the impact of land use on water quality through direct observation and measurement using canoes; (3) An analysis laboratory in which students measure additional water quality parameters and evaluate the relationship between land use and water quality. Significant portions of this activity may be implemented without access to canoes. Session #1 and #3 may be implemented without modification and instructions on modifying Session #2 are provided. 

Module Contents:

The 49-page instructional guide provides information about the module and outlines the activities. The guide includes four main sections: The Impact of Land Use on Water Quality - Module Description, Session 1: Laboratory Portion, Session 2: Field Activity, and Session 3: Analysis. Each session includes an introduction, objectives, and directions. The 47-page Word document is a duplicate of the PDF instructional guide. 

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