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Course Description:
The Joining Aluminum and Dissimilar Materials course was developed by Kettering University and the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT). This course is intended to provide the fundamental knowledge and hands on experience on joining techniques related to aluminum products needed for community college students, practicing technicians, or for students in a 2-year associate degree program. The course topics cover the main technologies of joining aluminum and other materials, as well as applications in automotive and other industries.

Course Contents:
Course materials include a syllabus, a pre and post assessment, course projects, six PowerPoint lectures, and six PowerPoint quizzes. Information is also provided for obtaining answers to the quizzes.

The 6-page syllabus includes a course description, course learning outcomes, course topics and roadmap, grading and assessment, and other course related information.

The 1-page pre and post course assessment includes eleven questions to assess students knowledge of course topics.

Course projects include Joining Aluminum to Dissimilar Materials and How to Join Fiber-Reinforced Composite Parts: An Experimental Investigation. 

Six PowerPoint lecture presentations are included and each covers a different topic. Topics include joining, aluminum welding, mechanical joining, adhesive bonding, hybrid joining techniques, and joining dissimilar materials. The course also includes a PowerPoint quiz on each topic. 

For orientation purposes the "KU-CAAT Syllabus and Roadmap" PDF is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this course. 

Below is a list of files contained in the zip attachment.

Joining Aluminum and Dissimilar Materials Course (25 files, 20.2 MB)

  • Course pre_post assessment
    • Pre and Post Assessment (KU-CAAT Pre and Post Assessment.docx 220 KB)
  • Course projects
    • Joining Aluminum to Dissimilar Materials (Course Project - KU-CAAT.docx 294 KB)
    • How to Join Fiber-Reinforced Composite Parts  An Experimental Investigation (SEM Paper#420.pdf 589 KB)
  • Course syllabus
    • Syllabus and Roadmap (KU-CAAT Syllabus and Roadmap.docx 232 KB)
  • Lectures
    • Introduction (1, KU-CAAT_Topic1 Introduction to joining.pptx 1.7 MB)
    • Overview of Aluminum Welding (2, KU-CAAT_Topic2 Overview of Aluminum Welding.pptx 2.1 MB)
    • Mechanical Joining (3, KU-CAAT Topic3 Mechanical joining.pptx 2.5 MB)
    • Adhesive Bonding (4, KU-CAAT_topic4_adhesive bonding.pptx 1.4 MB)
    • Hybrid Joining Techniques (5, KU-CAAT_topic5_hybrid joining techniques.pptx 1.2 MB)
    • Joining Dissimilar Materials (6, KU-CAAT_topic6_Joining dissimilar materials.pptx 2.9 MB)
    • Thumbnails (Thumbs.db 56 KB)
  • Quizzes
    • Introduction (1, Introduction to Joining.pptm 981 KB)
    • Overview of Aluminum Welding (2, Overview of Aluminium Welding.pptm 983 KB)
    • Mechanical Joining (3, Mechanical Joining.pptm 1.8 MB)
    • Adhesive Bonding (4, Adhesive Bonding.pptm 1.1 MB)
    • Hybrid Joining Techniques (5, HybridJoiningTechniques.pptm 1.1 MB)
    • Joining Dissimilar Materials (6, Joining dissimilar materials.pptm 996 KB)
    • Quiz Answers Information (READ ME.docx 14 KB)
    • Thumbnails (Thumbs.db 11 KB)
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