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This collection of PowerPoint presentations is provided by AgroKnowledge and covers different aspects of biogas. The following presentations are included:Biogas 1 (Biology and Workings), Biogas 2 (C:N and Feed Quality), Biogas 3 (Fuel value and properties), Biogas 4 (Digesters), Biogas 5 (Using Gas and Sludge), and Producer Gas. All presentations are available free for download in one PowerPoint file. 

The presentation Biogas 1 defines biogas, and discusses topics such as history, biology of anaerobic digestion, importance of volatile acids, methane producing bacteria, and more. Biogas 2 discusses factors affecting digestibility, manure resources, carbon : nitrogen (C:N) ratio, and more. Biogas 3 discusses biogas properties, composition of farm-produced biogas, fuel value, various comparative fuel values, and more. Biogas 4 discusses design, continuous feed / vertical mixing, displacement digester, feed material selection, and more. Biogas 5 discusses the properties of methane, uses of methane, problems with methane, efficiency of digestion, sludge, starter "SEED", and more. The last presentation, Producer Gas, discusses the history of producer gas, principles of operation, Danish experiments, problems with wood gas, and the basics of P-gas operation. 

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