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NDTE 1010: Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing


Course Description:

This Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) course was developed by Roane State Community College and the Center for Advanced Automotive Testing (CAAT). This course is a synopsis of non-destructive and destructive evaluation methods for evaluation of welds. Students are introduced to principles of NDT methods, fundamentals, applications, limitations, standards, and specifications. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to list and define different defects that occur in welding shown through Non-Destructive Examination/Destructive Testing, identify the types of equipment used for each Non-Destructive and Destructive Examination, explain the purpose of the equipment, application, and standard techniques required to perform major non-destructive and destructive examinations of welds, go to specific Code, Standard, or Specification related to each testing method, and have the knowledge and essential skills to identify strengths and weaknesses in materials used in fabrication.

Course Contents:

Course materials include a 6-page syllabus, 13-PowerPoint lectures, and an equipment list for laboratory activities. The syllabus includes a short course description, 5-learning outcomes and 58-detailed learning objectives, a course topics and roadmap, and other related information.

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

NDTE 1010, Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing and QA_QC (19 files, 76.1 MB)

  • Lab Activities
    • Equipment List for Lab (Equipment List for Lab.xlsx 10 KB)
  • Lectures
    • Week 1 - Introduction/History (NDT_Week_1_Intro-History.pptx 6.1 MB)
    • Week 2 - NDT Methods (NDT_Week_2_Methods.pptx 4.2 MB)
    • Week 3 - Visual Testing (VT) Part 1 (NDT_Week_3_VT Part 1.pptx 5 MB)
    • Week 4 - Discontinuities (NDT_Week_4_VT Part 2.pptx 6.7 MB)
    • Week 5 - Welding Symbols (NDT_Week_5_Welding Symbols.pptx 2.8 MB)
    • Week 6 - Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Chapter 4 (NDT_Week_6_PT.pptx 9 MB)
    • Week 7 - Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Chapter 9 (NDT_Week_7_MT.pptx 6.5 MB)
    • Week 8 - Radiographic Testing (RT) Chapter 7 (NDT_Week_8_RT Part 1.pptx 9.7 MB)
    • Week 10 - Radiographic Testing (RT) Part 2 Chapter 7 (NDT_Week_10_RT Part 2.pptx 9.5 MB)
    • Week 11 - Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Chapter 10 (NDT_Week_11_UT.pptx 6 MB)
    • Week 11 - Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Part 2 Chapter 10 Alloy Identification Chapter 12 Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Chapter 8 (NDT_Week_12_UT Part 2 and Alloy Identification.pptx 8.8 MB)
    • Week 13 - Field Trip to Local NDT Lab (NDT_Week_13_Field Trip.pptx 754 KB)
    • Review for Final Exam (NDT_Week_14_Final_Review.pptx 753 KB)
  • Syllabus
    • Syllabus, Non-Destructive Testing, NDTE (Syllabus, Non-Destructive Testing, NDTE 1010.docx 233 KB)
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