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Automated, Connected and Intelligent Vehicles


Course Description:
The Automated, Connected, and Intelligent Vehicles course was developed by Springfield Technical Community College and the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT). The goal of the course is to introduce students to the various technologies and systems used to implement Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These systems have the overall impact of automating various driving functions and create a safer driving experience for the passengers. The basics of automotive electronics, fundamentals of electronic control systems, and the evolution of these systems will be introduced. The necessary components needed to implement ADAS include advanced location and vehicle surroundings sensors, wireless technology, and the networking and processing of data are presented. The details of various ADAS are covered including the most recent innovations: lane keeping, collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, and autonomous vehicles. Other course topics include: sensor data fusion, advanced display and driver warning technology, impaired/medical emergency driver sensor technology, vehicle prognostics, and system troubleshooting. 

Course Contents:
Course materials include a syllabus, PowerPoint lectures, handouts, homework assignments, lab exercises and projects, and quizzes. The 8-page course syllabus includes a course description, learning outcomes, course topics and roadmap, grading and assessment information, and other course related information. The 8-page homework document, Course HWs, includes questions for each topic covered in the course. Information on obtaining homework and quiz answers are included in the Read Me documents. 

Below is a list of files contained in the zip attachment. Files are .docx and .pptx. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Automated, Connected, and Intelligent Vehicles (46.5 MB, 33 files)

  • Ancillary Materials
    • Introduction to Embedded Control Technology (EBC Module 2.pptx 5MB)
    • Thumbnails (Thumbs.db 24 KB)
  • Course Syllabus
    • Syllabus: Automated, Connected, and Intelligent Vehicles (Course Syllabus and Roadmap.docx 268 KB)
  • Experiments
    • Course Experiments/Lab Projects (Course Experiments.docx 23 KB)
  • Homework
    • Suggested Home Work Assignments (Course HWs.docx 23 KB)
    • Homework Answer Information (READ ME.docx 14 KB)
  • Lectures
    • Thumbnails (Thumbs.db 199 KB)
    • Topic 1 - Introduction to Automated, Connected, and Intelligent Vehicles (Topic #1 - Automated Connected and Intelligent Vehicles ppt.pptx 4.2 MB)
    • Topic 2 - Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology (Topic #2 - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles ppt.pptx 2 MB)
    • Topic 3 - Sensor Technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Topic #3 - Sensor Technology for ADAS ppt.pptx 5.2 MB)
    • Topic 4 - Overview of Wireless Technology (Topic #4 - Overview of Wireless Technology ppt.pptx 5.6 MB)
    • Topic 5 - Wireless Systems Standards and Standards Organizations (Topic #5 - Wireless Systems Standards  Standards Organizations.pptx 859 MB)
    • Topic 6 - Topic #6 - Wireless Networking  Applications to Vehicle Autonomy (Wireless Networking  Applications to Vehicle Autonomy.pptx 2.6 MB)
    • Topic 7 - Connected Car Technology (Topic #7 - Connected Car Technology.pptx 3.1 MB)
    • Topic 8 - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Technology (Topic #8 - ADAS Technology.pptx 4.7 MB)
    • Topic 9 - Connected Car Display Technology (Topic #9 - Connected Car Display Technology.pptx 2.6 MB)
    • Topic 10 - Impaired Driver Technology (Topic #10 - Impaired Driver Technology.pptx 719 KB)
    • Topic 11 - Vehicle Prognostics Technology (Topic #11 - Vehicle Prognostics Technology.pptx 1.6 MB)
    • Topic 12 - Autonomous Vehicles (Topic #12 - Autonomous Vehicles.pptx 3.5 MB)
    • Topic 13 - Present Day ADAS Technology Examples (Project #2) (Topic #13 - ADAS Examples.pptx 146 KB)
    • Topic 14 - Troubleshooting ADAS Technology (Topic #14 - Troubleshooting ADAS Technology.pptx 940 KB)
    • Topic 15 - Non-Passenger Car ADAS and Autonomous Technology (Topic #15 - Non Passenger Car ADAS Technology.pptx 3.1 MB)
  • Projects
    • Course Projects.docx
  • Quizzes
    • Course Quizzes.docx
    • READ ME.docx
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