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Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC)

There's a great deal of interest in the world of educational development in the growing fields of the semiconductor business, and the Maricopa Advanced Technology Center (MATEC) has been involved in this area of research since 1994. The Center is a division of the Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona, and is primarily interested in assisting students and faculty who wish to keep abreast of the evolving skills needed in this area, along with developments in the electronics and automated manufacturing industries. Most visitors will want to take a look at the "Curriculum Development" area, which features samples of their work, including illustrative animations, annual reports, and information about the skill standards that inform the basis of each educational activity created at the Center. Additionally, the "Education & Career Opportunities" section contains a virtual presentation titled "Working in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry", which will be of use to those considering a career in this area. An important component to MATEC's work is the MATEC NetWorks digital library. The library provides venues for creating, sharing, and promoting digital resources and faculty professional development for semiconductor manufacturing, automation, electronics, and micro– nanotechnologies. It contains classroom ready resources that are current, relevant, and easy to implement into curriculum as well as free online webinars, the TechPerspectives blog, and a newsletter to keep you up-to-date with emerging technologies and educational issues.

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Award Number 9602373, 9908419, 0501626, 1104159
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ATE Start Date 1996-09-01
ATE Expiration Date 2015-08-31
ATE Principal Investigator Michael Lesiecki
Primary Institution Maricopa County Community College District
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