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Quality Control Biochemistry


This resource from Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) provides materials on the topic of Quality Assurance, such as textbook chapters and standard operating procedures. Resource titles include Chapter 9: Quality Control Biochemistry, Buck Scientific BLC-20P HPLC Operation, Detection of rabbit IgGs using ELISA Immunoassay, Glucose Determination Ssay, HSA ELISA SOP, Human tPA Activity ELISA Kit, Quality Control Biochemistry Skill Standards, Operation of NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer, and more. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

Quality Control Biochemistry (22 files 9.6 MB)

  • Appendix A: Master Glossary (22886923819658983-masterglossary-restricted.pdf 499 KB)
  • Overview: Quality (84895790614231225-quality-unit-overview.pdf 404 KB)
  • Chapter 9: Quality Control Biochemistry (154400045737427643-chapter-9.pdf 688 KB)
  • SOPs
    • Bio-Tek Elx808UI Automated Microplate Reader Standalone SOP (3167636653604819-biotek-elx-8080ui-automated-microplate-reader-sop.pdf 704 KB)
    • SOP: Glucose Determination Assay (20263146210520007-qcb-3-glucose-determination-assay-sop-mc3.pdf 88 KB)
    • SOP: Degassing a Solution by Helium Sparge (37612277213051381-qcb-6-degassing-a-solution-by-helium-sparge-sop-mc3.pdf 137 KB)
    • SOP: Characterization of Green Fluorescent Protein using BLC-30G HPLC System (53059543550838303-qcb-10-gfp-process-sop-on-blc-30g-hplc.pdf 505 KB)
    • SOP: Buck Scientific BLC-30G HPLC Operation (62136519210638347-qcb-9-buck-sci-blc-30g-hplc-operation-sop-mc3.pdf 802 KB)
    • SDS-PAGE SOP (74523064768154312-sds-page-sop.pdf 621 KB)
    • Human tPA Activity ELISA Kit (82101917383837531-qcb-2-human-tpa-activity-elisa-kit-sop-mc3.pdf 143 KB)
    • SOP: Lactate Determination Assay (134201445879249533-qcb-4-lactate-determination-assay-sop-mc3.pdf 89 KB)
    • SOP: Human tPA Total Antigen ELISA Kit (163225953657048430-qcb-1-human-tpa-total-antigen-elisa-kit-sop-mc3.pdf 77 KB)
    • SOP: Quantification of Caffeine in Coffee using HPLC (232902031386960107-qcb-8-quantification-of-caffeine-in-coffee-using-hplc-sop-mc3.pdf 239 KB)
    • HSA ELISA SOP (238221252782154934-hsa-elisa-sop.pdf 640 KB)
    • SOP: Operation of Bio Rad iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader (314546859468760713-qcb-5-bio-rad-imark-plate-reader-sop-mc3.pdf 166 KB)
    • tPA Activity Assay SOP (467384488538306256-tpa-activity-elisa-sop.pdf 612 KB)
    • tPA ELISA SOP (507575822422739350-tpa-direct-elisa-sop.pdf 609 KB)
    • SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis of GFP (536613604104537729-sds-page-gfp-mjk.pdf 215 KB)
    • Xcell SureLock Mini-Cell Gel Box SOP (576312817668496605-xcell-surelock-mini-cell-gel-box-sop.pdf 1MB)
    • Buck Scientific BLC-20P HPLC Operation (887634730830440592-qcb-7-buck-scientific-blc-20p-hplc-operation-sop-mc3.pdf 476 KB)
    • Detection of rabbit IgGs using ELISA Immunoassay (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) (891733451900428568-bioman-2015-elisa-bbielska-protocol.pdf 395 KB)
    • SOP: Operation of NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer (961696218192712760-qcb-11-nanodrop-2000-spectrophotometer-operation-sop-mc3.pdf448 KB)
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