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This resource from Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) provides materials on upstream processing, such as textbook chapters, standard operating procedures, interactive learning resources, videos, and presentations. Resource titles include Antibody Production in Microbial Hosts, Applikon Bioreactor Operation SOP, Batch Culture of Recombinant tPA Secreting CHO Cells, Biomanufacturing e-Learning Resources, Bioprocessing Part 1: Fermentation, Chapter 10: Upstream Processing, GFP biomanufacturing interactive video course, and more. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

Upstream Processing (19 files 10 MB)

  • Appendix A: Master Glossary (22886923819658983-masterglossary-restricted.pdf 499 KB)
  • Manufacturing Technician (Upstream) (89800718935062043-upstreamprocessing-skillstandards.pdf 297 KB)
  • Chapter 10: Upstream Processing (452459198388198903-chapter-10.pdf 1.2 MB)
  • Overview: Production Unit (581437647761393013-production-unit-overview.pdf 430 KB)
  • Batch Records
    • Batch Record: tPA Production from CHO Cells Upstream Process (53487145761726356-up-7-batch-record-tpa-upstream-mc3-sop.pdf 321 KB)
    • Batch Record: GFP Production from Escherichia coli Upstream Process (252792630706738147-gfp-production-from-e-coli-upstream-processing-batch-record.pdf 624 KB)
    • HSA Production from Pichia pastoris Upstream Process (317411851828261004-hsa-production-from-pichia-pastoris-upstream-processing-batch-record.pdf 660 KB)
  • SOPs
    • SOP: Glucose Determination Assay (20263146210520007-qcb-3-glucose-determination-assay-sop-mc3.pdf 88 KB)
    • New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 Bioreactor SOP (57601621310403145-new-brunswick-bioflo-3000-bioreactor-sop.pdf 1.1 MB)
    • Kodak IBI Biolyzer Operation SOP (79704446771379692-kodak-ibi-biolyzer-operation-sop.pdff 577 KB)
    • Trypan Blue Assay SOP (88992997114305814-trypan-blue-assay-sop.pdf 713 KB)
    • Lactate Determination Assay (134201445879249533-qcb-4-lactate-determination-assay-sop-mc3.pdf 89 KB)
    • Batch Culture of Escherichia coli Recombinant for Jellyfish Green Fluorescent Protein SOP (193540901917321946-batch-culture-of-e-coli-recombinant-for-jellyfish-gfp-sop.pdf 649 KB)
    • Batch Culture of Recombinant tPA Secreting CHO Cells SOP (357817843997468996-batch-culture-of-recombinant-tpa-secreting-cho-cells-sop.pdf 622 KB)
    • Operation of Life Technologies Countess II Cell Counter (388499007285818179-up-5-life-technologies-countess-ii-automated-cell-counter-operation-sop-mc3.pdf 131 KB)
    • Process Controlled Fed-Batch Fermentation of Recombinant HSA Secreting Pichia pastoris SOP (492891815401175508-process-controlled-fed-batch-fermentation-of-recombinant-hsa-secreting-pichia-pastoris-sop.pdf 683 KB)
    • Applikon Bioreactor Operation SOP (876924956480937707-applikon-bioreactor-operation-sop.pdf 965 KB)
    • Labconco Purifier Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinet BSC Operation (924339027310296453-up-1-labconco-purifier-class-2-bsc-sop-mc3.pdf 264 KB)
    • SOP: Bellco Spinner Flask (100mL) Cleaning and Autoclaving (942546748945150495-up-2-bellco-100-ml-spinner-flask-sop-mc3.pdf 48 KB)
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