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This resource from Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) provides information materials on downstream processing, such as textbook chapters, standard operating procedures, interactive learning resources, and videos. Resource titles include Affinity Chromatography of HSA SOP, Biomanufacturing e-Learning Resources, Bioprocessing Part 2 - Separation and Recovery, Bioprocessing Part 3 - Purification, Chapter 11: Downstream Processing, Chromatography, Downstream Process Flow Chart, Downstream Processing Skill Standards, Downstream Processing Virtual Learning Module, Lyophilization, and more. 

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Downstream Processing (26 files 11.8 MB)

  • Downstream Processing
    • Appendix A: Master Glossary (22886923819658983-masterglossary-restricted.pdf 499 KB)
    • Overview: Production Unit (581437647761393013-production-unit-overview.pdf 430 KB)
    • Chapter 11: Downstream Processing (729676066278425576-chapter-11.pdf 1.1 MB)
    • Manufacturing Technician (Downstream) (865742443779730606-competencies-downstream-processing.pdf 67 KB)
    • Additional Resources
      • Diagram: tPA Downstream Process Flow Chart (162435165591844959-dp-1-tpa-downstream-process-flow-chart.pdf 182 KB)
      • AKTA pure 25 New Owner's Intro (776380677518087164-akta-pure-25-new-owner-s-intro.pdf 343 KB)
    • Batch Records
      • Batch Record: HSA Production from Pichia pastoris Downstream Process (186652347276509414-hsa-production-from-pichia-pastoris-downstream-processing-batch-record.pdf 641 KB)
      • Batch Record: tPA Production from CHO Cells Downstream Process (299213440748975060-dp-10-batch-record-lp-chromatography-tpa-production-from-cho-cells-downstream-process.pdf 586 KB)
      • Batch Process Record: tPA Production from CHO Cells: AKTA pure Chromatography Operation (875333981691743105-dp-4-tpa-batch-process-record.pdf 303 KB)
    • SOPs
      • Operation of AKTA pure Chromatography System (36639845738866347-dp-5-aktapure-equipment-sop.pdf 811 KB)
      • Millipore Tangential Flow and Diafiltration Using Pellicon XL Device of tPA (56785297565994025-dp-2-tangential-flow-filter-pellicon-sop-mc3.pdf 290 KB)
      • End-of-Run tPA Process: Harvest, Centrifugation, Concentration, pH Adustment (91001231353809997-dp-3-eor-tpa-process.pdf 275 KB)
      • BioLogic LP Chromatography System Operating SOP (151423498748132996-biologic-lp-chromatography-system-operation-sop.pdf 1.2 MB)
      • Cation Exchange Chromatography of t-PA using AKTA Pure System (209447246225454580-dp-6-aktapure-tpa-process-sop.pdf 602 KB)
      • Lysine Affinity Chromatography of t-PA on the AKTApure Chromatography System (452643904590271231-sop-lysine-aff-chrom-of-tpa.pdf 601 KB)
      • Anion Exchange Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) using the AKTA Pure system (527729431684465088-aktapure-gfp-process-sop.pdf 598 KB)
      • Milipore Pellicon XL Tangential Flow Filter SOP (816283518190127691-millipore-pellicon-xl-tangential-flow-filter-sop.pdf 622 KB)
      • Tangential Flow and Diafiltration of HSA (822059756614823604-tangential-flow-filtration-of-hsa-process-sop.pdf 623 KB)
      • Affinity Chromatography of HSA (854123883949617814-affinity-chromatography-of-hsa-sop.pdf 608 KB)
      • Ion Exchange Chromatography of tPA SOP (897479614196950464-ion-exchange-chromatography-of-tpa-sop.pdf 606 KB)
      • Isolation of mAb (anti IL-8) from Conditioned Medium by Protein A Affinity Chromatography on the AKTA pure Chromatography System (948557415426208624-dp-11-mab-process-sop.pdf 432 KB)
      • BioLogic LP HIC Chromatography of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) (980158869126592232-dp-8-biologic-lp-hic-chromatography-of-gfp.pdf 419 KB)


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