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RCNET ACAD 08-006 Crosswalk: 3.3.12 Radiological Protection Technicians - Radiological Incident Evaluation and Control


Program Description:
This material was published by the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) as part of a comprehensive crosswalk that links objectives of ACAD 08-006 with GP Strategies ABC Material, NUCP Surveyed Material, NANTeL resources, EPRI resources, web resources, and published material available to all RCNET partners. These accredited utility training programs are based off training and qualification guidelines (ACADs) published by the National Academy for Nuclear Training. 

ACAD 08-006 is the Uniform Curriculum Guide for Nuclear Power Plant Technician, Maintenance, and Nonlicensed Operations Personnel Associate Degree Programs and includes five main curriculum areas: Core Curriculum, Discipline-Specific Curriculum for Nonlicensed Operators, Discipline-Specific Curriculum for Radiological Protection Technicians, Discipline-Specific for Chemistry Technicians, and Discipline Specific for Maintenance Personnel. 
This Radiological Incident Evaluation and Control section of Discipline-Specific Curriculum for Radiological Protection Technicians (ACAD 08-006 3.3.12) discusses the recognition of and appropriate responses to radiological events.

Documents associated with ACAD 08-006 3.3.12 include two curriculum documents and eight PowerPoint presentations. The curriculum material "provides references to readings and other resources to support a lesson on how to determine dose to skin, as well as provides scenarios and questions to engage students."

This material covers, more specifically: the role of various plant personnel in responding to radiological incidents; the radiological consequence that may result from various incidents; how to estimate beta and gamma dose rates from the following: contamination on floor, airborne radioactivity, and pipes or tanks that contain radioactive liquids; how to identify isotopes expected to be present in the event of a radiological incident; and more. 

For orientation purposes SkinDose.pdf is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this curriculum. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

3.3.12 Radiological Incident Evaluation and Control (13 files, 167.6 MB)

  • Documents
    • Determine Dose to Skin (SkinDose.doc 278 KB)
    • Spills and Contamination Events (SpillsandContaminationEvents.doc 291 KB)
  • Presentations
    • ALARA for Engineers (ALARAforEngineers.ppt 28.1 MB)
    • Contamination Control, Decontamination and Respiratory Protection (Contamination_Control,_Decontamination_Respiratory_Protection.pptx 1.7 MB)
    • Fire Detection and Protection System (FireDetection&ProtectionSystem.ppt 117 MB)
    • Off-Normal and Emergency Response (Off-NormalandEmergencyResponse.pptx 448 KB)
    • Protection Against Radiation (Protection_Against_Radiation.ppt 8.2 MB)
    • Radiological Safety and Response (Radiological_Safety_&_Response.pptx 622 KB)
    • Radiological Controls (RadiologicalControls.pptx 1.5 MB)
    • Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP) (RadiologicalEnvironmentalMonitoringProgram.ppt 9.4 MB)
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