Course Description:
This course is provided Central Main Community College and is designed for the CNC machining instructor with an operational understanding of a Haas 3-axis CNC mill. This course includes both theory and hands-on lab time and provides students the opportunity to program, set-up, and operate a 4 axis horizontal vertical CNC Milling Center. Students are also exposed to spindle probing and tool setting.

Course Contents:
This course includes a course description and schedule, a syllabus, four PowerPoint lectures, and documents and CAD files for four course projects. The 5-page syllabus includes a course description, course objectives, student learning outcomes, course topics, a weekly schedule, and more. Lecture topics include 4th Axis Overview, 4th Axis Set-Up and Offsets, Programming, and Tailstocks and Lead Angles. Course project materials include CAD software files, PDF diagrams, and project overviews. 

For orientation purposes PMT 370 Multi Axis Milling.pdf is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this collection. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

4 Axis CNC Milling (36 files, 13 MB)

  • Course description and schedule (4th Axis Teacher Training.doc 47 KB)
    • Lectures
      • 4th Axis Overview (4th Axis Lecture 1.pptx  1.7 MB)
      • 4th Axis Set-Up and Offsets (4th Axis Lecture 2.pptx 1.4 MB)
      • Programming (4th Axis Lecture 3.pptx 1.1MB)
      • Tailstocks and Lead Angles (4th Axis Lecture 4.pptx 951 KB)
  • Syllabus (PMT 370 Multi Axis Milling.doc 66 KB)
    • Projects
      • Live Tooling Lathe-Teaching Training Project 1 (PMT 328-1 Project Overview.docx 604 KB)
      • Project 1
        • Project 1 (4th axis project 1.PDF 160 KB)
        • (4th axis project 1.SLDDRW 247 KB)
        • (4th axis project 1.SLDPRT 133 KB)
        • Project 1 Overview (284-1 Project 1 Overview.docx 300 KB)
        • ( 643 bytes)
      • Project 2
        • Project 2 (4th Axis Project 2.PDF 191 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 2.SLDDRW 759 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 2.SLDPRT 381 KB)
        • Project 2 Overview (284 Project 2 Overview.docx 398 KB)
        • ( 1 KB)
      • Project 3
        • (4th Axis Project 3.emcam 572 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 3.IGS 146 KB)
        • Project 3 (4th Axis Project 3.PDF 127 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 3.SLDDRW 219 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 3.SLDPRT 100 KB)
        • (4th Axis Project 3.x_t 24 KB)
      • Project 4
        • (4th axis Project 4.emcam 2.6 MB)
        • (4th axis Project 4.IGS 124 KB)
        • Project 4 (4th axis Project 4.PDF 206 KB)
        • (4th axis Project 4.SLDDRW 218 KB)
        • (4th axis Project 4.SLDPRT 105 KB)
        • (4th axis Project 4.x_t 15 KB)
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