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The Maritime Life Board Game is a 90-minute activity designed to engage high school students with career pathways in the maritime and transportation industries. This activity was created by Kelsey Warren, a 2016 SMART Maritime and Transportation Institute Alumni. During the activity, students participate in a pre-assessment and play a board game called Maritime Life, which is designed to "increase their knowledge of careers and pathways in the maritime and transportation industry." Following the board game, students participate in a post assessment and a class activity. During the board game, students learn about jobs in the maritime and transportation industry as well as relevant college programs and continuing education opportunities. The 13-page document "Maritime Life Board Game Lesson Plan Questions and Assessment Tools" provides an overview of the activity, a list of learning objectives, the pre-assessment, the post assessment, a teacher answer key, and a reference list. The 16-page document "Maritime Life Board Game - Game Board and Pieces" provides all materials related to the board game, including game rules, the game board, and game pieces. 

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