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This 13-page resource, provided by Florida State University, is a preliminary report of classroom observations conducted by the Assessing Information Technology Educational Pathways That Promote Deployment and Use of Rural Broadband project. The goal of this National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education project is to strengthen the employee pool of information technology/broadband staffing and to improve educational support related to broadband, telecommunications, and networks for future and current IT employees in Northwest Florida and beyond. "In order to ascertain learning outcomes presented in the IT classroom and understand student and instructor behavior," this project conducted classroom observations at Chipola College and Tallahassee Community College.

This paper includes the following sections: Introduction; Purpose; Method: Classroom Environment, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Reliability and Validity; Findings: Student and Instructor Observation, and Technology Employee Competencies Observation; Next Steps; and References. 

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Date Issued 2015-04-02
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