This 15-page document, made available by the STEM Guitar Project, is an activity on cost estimates and the anatomy of acoustic guitars. During the activity students "calculate the cost and quantity of the following components: soundbox or body back, sides, top, interior bracing and kerfing, soundhole rosette, neck, fretboard, tuning machines, fret wire, fretboard, nut, truss rod, fret dots, bridge, bridge pins, and strings." The learning objectives for this activity are: 

  1. Students will learn the names of the components that make up an acoustic guitar.
  2. Students will build a spreadsheet as evidence of having researched prices for the components of an acoustic guitar, and determine a total cost.
  3. Students will be able to discuss the various options they discovered and be able to provide an explanation for the choices they made, taking in to account factor such as quality, availability or cost.

This resource includes the following sections: Description of Activity, Learning Objectives, Standards, Materials Required, Safety, Background, and more. A quiz is also included. 

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