Hybrid Curriculum for Upskilling Photonics Technicians in Advanced Optics and Quantum Research Enabled Technologies

A significant gap exists between the state of quantum science and its practical uses in industry. Part of the gap results from the lack of the advanced technical workforce needed to implement quantum technologies. The people best poised to enter the new quantum technological workforce are incumbent photonics technicians. Their current qualifications provide a foundation on which to build the new quantum-related competencies. This project aims to produce a freely available curriculum that will enable photonics technicians to acquire new quantum-related competencies. This curriculum will contain a three-course sequence with freely accessible textbooks, lab manuals, and interactive online content. Availability of the courses via an open-access educational platform will reduce geographical barriers between colleges, students, and industry. The proposed platform can also promote inclusion and diversity in the high-tech quantum workforce by increasing access to education in quantum technologies. The proposed quantum technology curriculum is expected to help U.S. businesses maintain global leadership in advanced laser and quantum technologies.

This project will pioneer the introduction of quantum science into advanced technological education. It will do so by developing, testing, and disseminating a three-course hybrid curriculum in quantum-enabled technologies. The project will begin with an assessment of the industry demand for quantum-related skills, continue with curriculum and course development, and end with establishment of a sustainable learning platform. The three courses will be designed to meet the highest level of Quality Matters certification. The curriculum will be promoted by academic and industry collaborators and validated through data collected via the learning platform in real-time as students interact with the course material. The open-access learning platform will make the entire educational content accessible and transferrable to other institutions. Through these efforts, this project will contribute to the new quantum STEM workforce development needed to propel quantum technology forward.

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June 1st, 2021
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May 31st, 2025
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Moamer Hasanovic
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Indian River State College
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