Program Description:

The Biotechnology program at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) prepares students for transferring to higher education and employment in the biotech industry. SLCC offers a Biotechnology Associate of Science degree and a Certificate of Proficiency. Classes are offered in a competency-based education format. Curriculum outlines for the program and materials for additional courses are available to view separately. 

Course Description:

This Applied Molecular Biology course "teaches students practical aspects of DNA technology that includes restriction digestion, properties of plasmids, recombinant DNA cloning, gel electrophoresis, and the polymerase chain reaction." Common lab calculations are also covered. This course has the following main learning objectives:

  • Students complete basic calculations and measurements used in biotechnology.
  • Students complete basic microbiology processes.
  • Students conduct a series of reactions to manipulate DNA.

Course Contents:

Course materials include a course curriculum outline, syllabus, and a Canvas .imscc file. The 3-page syllabus includes a brief description about the course, primary learning objectives, information about grading, and course policies. The 3-page course curriculum outline includes a rationale for action, course description, course learning outcomes, and course outcomes mapped to SLCC college-wide learning outcomes.

The .imscc file includes numerous folders and files from the Canvas course. Below is a list of modules, and a sample of topics, labs, and quizzes included in the course:

  • Orientation Module
  • Module 1 - Calculations and Measurements
    • A Review of Scientific Notation Page
    • Scientific Notation: Practice Quiz #1
    • The Metric System Page
    • Metric System Prefixes Page
    • Measuring Volume and Mass Page
    • Dimensional Analysis Page
    • Concentrations by mass/volume and % Page
    • Calculating Percentages: Practice Quiz #2A (required)
    • Calculating Percentages: Practice Quiz #2B (optional)
    • Calculating Percentages: Practice Quiz #2C (optional)
    • (and 12 more)
  • Module 2 - Molecular Biology
    • Introduction to Module - Molecular Biology Page
    • Genomic DNA Page
    • Nucleic Acids - Structure and Function Page
    • DNA Replication Page
    • Transcription Page
    • Translation Page
    • The Central Dogma Page
    • The Importance of Plasmids Page
    • Our Plasmid Page
    • Exam 2 Quiz
  • Module 3 - Polymerase Chain Reaction
    • Keeping a Laboratory Notebook Page
    • BTEC 1100 Project Flow Chart Page
    • Introduction to the PCR Reaction Page
    • Steps of PCR - review Page
    • Reagents in PCR - review Page
    • Using the NCBI database to find a gene sequence Page
    • Video Tutorial on NCBI Page
    • Designing Primers Page
    • Video Tutorial on Primer Design Page
    • Assignment: Designing Primers File
    • Amplifying a specific gene through PCR Page
    • (and 5 more)
  • Module 4 - Applied Molecular Biology
    • Introduction to Recombinant DNA Page
    • Ligation Independent Cloning Page
    • Lab #1: Ligation Independent Cloning File
    • Transforming Bacteria with the LIC Reaction Page
    • Lab #2: Transform Bacteria File
    • Screening Bacteria for Recombinant bglA-pLATE31 Plasmid Page
    • Lab #3: Screening Bacteria for Recombinant bglA-pLATE31 Plasmid File
    • Isolating recombinant plasmid DNA Page
    • Lab #4: Isolating recombinant plasmid DNA File
    • Restriction Enzymes Page
    • (and 6 more)
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