Program Description:

This course is part of the Biotechnology program at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). This program prepares students for transferring to higher education and employment in the biotech industry. SLCC offers a Biotechnology Associate of Science degree and a Certificate of Proficiency. Classes are offered in a competency-based education format. Curriculum outlines for the program and materials for additional courses are available to view separately. 

Course Description:

This Aseptic Technique course "was created to better serve Certificate of Proficiency students, who need competency in aseptic technique, but not the more complicated cell culture." During the course, "students learn how to use proper aseptic technique while working in a hood." This was a hybrid course with students completing much of the course online and then participating in onsite labs.

Course Contents:

Course materials include a course curriculum outline, syllabus, and a Canvas .imscc file. The 3-page syllabus includes a brief description about the course, prerequisites, course materials, grading, policies, and more. The 3-page course curriculum outline includes a rationale for action, the course learning outcome, and course outcomes mapped to SLCC college-wide learning outcomes.

The .imscc file includes numerous folders and files from the Canvas course. Below is a list of modules, topics, and labs included in the course:

  • Orientation Module
    • Welcome Page
    • How Competency-based Education Works
    • Get to Know Your Course 
    • Using the Open Lab 
    • Learning and Technical Support 
    • Netiquette 
    • Introduce Yourself 
    • Any Questions? (optional) 
    • Announcements 
  • Aseptic Technique
    • Introduction to Aseptic Technique
    • Preparing Media and Pouring Plates 
    • The Autoclave 
    • Lab #1: Making Media and Using the Autoclave 
    • Pouring Agar Plates 
    • Lab #2: Pouring Agar Plates 
    • Streaking a plate 
    • Lab #3: Streaking a plate
    • Liquid cultures 
    • Lab #4: Liquid Cultures 
    • Gram stain 
    • Lab #5: Gram Stain
    • Introduction to the hood
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