Course Description:

This 2-credit course introduces students to industrial robotics and programming. Through the course, students learn how "to program a FANUC industrial robot and earn FANUC CERT Certification. Students develop frames, learn file manipulation and program the robot to manipulate products, perform different tasks based on I/O conditions, and utilize variables." The course also explores robotic power supplies, end of arm tooling, and control systems.

The following are an example of competencies assessed in the course:

  • Manipulate the robot in world and joint mode.
  • Program tool, user, and jog frames.
  • Manipulate files in the control system.
  • Program movements with the different forms of motion commands.

Course Contents:

Course materials are housed within a Canvas .imscc file. Materials include syllabi, presentation slides, and lab documents. Both syllabi include a brief description about the course, information about grading, course policies, and a course schedule.

For orientation purposes Robot Prog LakeviewSyllabus.docx.pdf is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this curriculum.

The .imscc file includes numerous folders and files from the Canvas course. A .zip file containing course documents is also included. Below is a list of resources included in the course:

  • Welcome Presentation
  • Lake Evenings Syllabus
  • Elkhorn Syllabus
  • Labs
    • Lab 1 Jogging the Robot
    • Lab 2 Tool Frame
    • Lab 3 User Frame
    • Lab 4 Create a program
    • Lab 5 Prog with gripper
    • Lab 6 Prog comments
    • Lab 7 Pick and place prog
    • Lab 8 Motion commands
    • Lab 9 Loops and Jumps
    • Lab 10 Registers
    • Lab 11 PR's and Offsets
    • Lab 12 Call and I/O
    • Lab 13 Select and Macros
    • Lab 14 Palletizer
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