Introduction to the Professional Development Formative Assessment System (PD-FAS)

This 7-page resource, from Edmonds Community College, provides information about the Professional Development Formative Assessment System (PD-FAS). PD-FAS was created by the Formative Assessment for Advanced Technician Education 2 (FAS4ATE2) project. This project created this assessment system to address two concerns: "how best to design formative assessment for [Advanced Technological Education] ATE PD and to discover what design factors allow for more effective reporting of student-level outcomes."

This document includes a glossary, introduction, the principles, definitions of assessment and evaluation, assumptions, background information, and more. The PD-FAS principles include:

  • Only learners (e.g., PD participants, students) can learn.
  • Instructors at any level facilitate the process of learning and can learn how to better facilitate learning.
  • To facilitate learning, both learners and instructors need to understand, in detail, the learners' thinking and progress.
  • When learners and instructors regularly exchange information about the learners' progress, and adapt the learning process accordingly, learning is stickier and more effective.

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