Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2)


The Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) organization is dedicated to building infrastructure for biomanufacturing education and training to create a qualified workforce. To meet this goal, NBC2 "supports the local development and growth of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and crossover industries that use bio-production methods in the United States by providing curriculum and hands-on instructional materials based on harmonized global biopharmaceutical industry skill standards and by mentoring biomanufacturing programs at community colleges, high schools and universities." On this site, visitors will find biomanufacturing jobs and companies, as well as articulations, skill standards, curriculum, professional development, equipment resources, and internship information. The site also hosts a blog and calendar to find out about upcoming events and a selection of press articles about the Center. Viewers will also find a document on Biomanufacturing Skill Standards, which is free to download, as well as other curriculum documents and career information.


Alternate Title
NBC2: Building Regional and National Networks for a 21st Century Workforce for the Bioeconomy
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0501953, 0903208, 1204974, 1501631
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September 1st, 2005
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February 28th
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Margaret Bryans
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Montgomery County Community College


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