This learning module is provided by Work-Ready Electronics and covers alternative energy sources. Work-Ready Electronics modules are intended to be used either independently or integrated with current electronics curricula in college programs. This module is divided into three sections: Content, Knowledge Probes, and Learning Activities.

The Content section includes three PDF documents that cover the following topics: fuel cells, solar power, and ultracapacitors. 

Three Knowledge Probes are included in this learning module. The Knowledge probes include learning objectives and a short quiz. Each Knowledge Probe corresponds to a topic covered in the Content section. 

The Learning Activities section includes the Portable Power Technology drill-down report, Supercapacitor lab, and performance assessment. The 7-page performance assessment includes 50 questions. 

The Research section includes print and web references.

For orientation purposes Fuel Cells.pdf is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this collection. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Alternative Energy Sources (16 files, 7.5 MB)

  • Content
    • Fuel Cells, Solar Power and Ultracapacitors (Fuel Cells.pdf 2.2 MB)
    • Solar Cells (Solar Cells.pdf 3.8 MB)
    • Ultracapacitors (Ultracapacitors.pdf 831 KB)
  • Knowledge Probes
    • Fuel Cells (kp1q.pdf 45 KB)
    • Solar Cells (kp2q.pdf 53 KB)
    • Ultracapacitors (kp3q.pdf 43 KB)
  • Learning Activities
    • Portable Power Technology - Alternative Energy Sources (drilldown_01.pdf 48 KB)
    • Supercapacitor Lab (lab_01.pdf 320 KB)
    • Alternative Energy Sources - Performance Assessment (performance_assessment.pdf 77 KB)
  • Research
    • Print References (print_references.pdf 8 KB)
    • Web References (web_references.pdf 9 KB)
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