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This website has 15 lesson plans in solar energy developed by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The lesson plans include the following topics: solar cell inquiry, sunshine timer, parts of a solar panel I, parts of a solar panel II, build a simple ammeter, solar-powered battery charger, positioning solar panels I: explorations with tracking, positioning solar panels II: explorations with stationary panels, properties of solar radiation: reflection, transmission, and absorption, properties of solar radiation: direct and diffuse light, power maximum: an electrical determination, calibration curve for a radiation meter, solarize a toy, solar cells as control devices, solar-powered electrolysis of water and the hydrogen economy. The lessons are designed for use with mini-solar electric panels. Each lesson calls for varying materials. Most need one or two mini-solar electric panels with attached alligator clips. The rest of the materials called for in the individual lessons are generally readily available to teachers or can be purchased from an educational supply company.

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