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eSyst: Tools for Electronics Education

This project is developing the concept that technician education in electronics should be systems-based rather than component-based. It is developing curriculum that reflects this change in the way technicians interact with electronics. The project is: 1. Revising curricular materials and six courses, creating new materials for instructors, developing new materials for student learning and enrichment, and providing guidance for faculty to use the emerging systems view of electronics; 2. Developing a complete web-based delivery system for faculty and students for the resources associated with the Systems View for Electronics Technology; 3. Increasing enrollments in electronics technology programs by engaging the interest of both current and potential students and working adults in the real world of electronics; and 4. Ensuring the curriculum addresses the needs of industry by incorporating the most recent electronic methods, circuits, systems and practices involving simulations and online laboratories. On the site, visitors will find more information about the project, an implementation guide which clearly states how each learning goal is met, and a detailed curriculum map which allows visitors to read about the courses the project is targeting. In addition, the project has created course material for these courses, including presentations, quizzes, laboratory exercises, and much more.

Alternate Title A New Systems View of Electronics for 2010
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Award Number 0702753
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ATE Start Date 2007-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2011-09-30
ATE Principal Investigator Michael Lesiecki
Primary Institution Maricopa County Community College District
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