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This season, the ATE Central Webinar Series on Sustainability focuses on topics useful to Centers and Projects at all stages of growth. It is never too soon to be thinking about life “post-grant” – as a way to plan for eventual independence or as a way to prepare for a time when grants may not be forthcoming. This series addresses three critical angles – first, a basic “health check” to see how your project or center is faring today; second, strategies for moving forward, with a refreshed set of goals and priorities; and finally, taking to heart the need to plan for changes concerning the most valuable asset any project has: its people. This series is funded by the National Science Foundation’s ATE Central project and produced in collaboration with Nancy Maron of BlueSky to BluePrint, a consulting firm focusing on business strategy for leaders of innovative initiatives in the academic and cultural sectors.

Rachael Bower, ATE Central
Nancy Maron, BlueSky to BluePrint

How well is your project or center doing today? Where do you want it to be tomorrow? In this session, we will introduce a series of questions - a basic “health check tool” - you can start asking that will help you identify areas of strength that you may want to develop even further, and areas of vulnerability that you will want to address. Topics we will cover address the core concepts of sustainability planning, specifically: audience, stakeholders, the changing environment, and funding sources.

Special Guest: Lori Wingate, EvaluATE Center

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