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Upcoming Events

June 7-9 Society of Manufactoring Engineers Philadelphia, PA
June 9-11 Green Manufacturing Expo New York, NY
June 14-17 American Society for Engineering Education 2009 Annual Conference and Exhibition Austin, TX
June 14-18 2009 Material Handling Teachers Institute (MHTI) Fayetteville, AR
June 15-17 Geospatial Education Conference Louisville, KY
June 15-19 Mid-Pacific ICT Center Faculty Development Week San Francisco, CA
June 15-26 Weld-Ed Workshop for Welding and Materials Joining Education Waco, TX
June 18-20 Manufacturing Education Transformation Summit Austin, TX
July 11-14 ESRI Education User Conference San Diego, CA
July 19-22 HI-TEC (High Impact Technology Exchange Conference)
(Visit ATE Central at the AMSER booth #13E)
Scottsdale, AZ
July 25-26 New Faculty Training Conference Follow-Up Workshop Ann Arbor, MI
August 4-7 Distance Teaching and Learning Madison, WI

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Featured ATE Project

Achieving Technological Literacy in Arizona for Students and Teachers (ATLAST)

The ATLAST Project (Achieving Technological Literacy in Arizona for Students and Teachers), developed by the National Center for Teacher Education (NCTE) of the Maricopa Community College District, aims to provide "teachers and future teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for an increasingly technology-driven society." Through workshops, the project will use technology to teach technology and build educator confidence with various technological innovations. On the project's website, visitors can find information about upcoming institutes and workshops, grant goals, and school district and project partners. Also available on the site are additional resources including ITEA Standards for both teachers and students.

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Featured ATE Resources

Here is a small sample of the valuable resources in ATE Central that focus on circuits:

From MATEC NetWorks:

All About Circuits Volume 4: Digital Circuits

This website, presented by All About Circuits, is the forth installment in their series of information regarding circuitry. The page is broken down into sixteen different chapters which are: numeration systems, binary arithmetic, logic gates, switches, electromechanical rays, ladder logic, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh mapping, combinational logic functions, multivibrators, counters, shift registers, digital-analog conversion, digital communication, digital storage (memory), and principles of digital computing. Diagrams and detailed descriptions of concepts are included throughout the chapters to provide users with a comprehensive lesson. Visitors to the site are also encouraged to discuss concepts and topics using the All About Circuits discussion forums (registration with the site is required to post materials).

Mesh Analysis for DC Circuits

This web-based interactive tutorial, hosted by the University of California – Sacramento and developed by Jean Pierre R. Bayard and Arthur D. Shmarak, is designed to engage students in learning the steps of mesh analysis, KVL equations, supermesh, and Ohm's law. This site helps walk the student through mesh analysis step by step in order to best understand the material. Questions are given throughout to test student knowledge, and a comprehensive quiz is offered at the end.

From the California Regional Consortium for Engineering Advances in Technological Education (CREATE) collection:

Fundamentals of DC Electronics

This eight-week course on the fundamentals of direct current electronics, presented by the California Regional Consortium for Engineering Advances in Technological Education, is intended to be taught in conjunction with any basic circuits textbook. Topics include: DC components, engineering notation, voltage and voltage sources, current and current sources, resistance, power, analysis of electric circuits and networks (series, parallel, series-parallel, and bridge), and network theorems.

For more ATE resources about circuits please visit:

News & Reminders

ATE Central will be at the HI-TEC Conference in Scottsdale, AZ on July 19-22. Please visit us at the AMSER booth #13E at the Technology Showcase while you are at the conference.

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