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Upcoming Events

June 2-10 2012 Seattle Science Festival Seattle, WA
June 4 Android Application Development for Teachers Madison, WI
June 4 Center for System Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA): VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 for Teachers Madison, WI
June 4 Network Security Design CISSP Gainesville, FL
June 4-6 Digital Sketchbooking Rochester, NY
June 4-8 14th Annual Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum Berkeley, CA
June 5 URISA Texas Chapter Workshop Atlanta, GA
June 9-10 WomenTech Educators Training Opportunity Boston, MA
June 10-22 Professional development opportunity for high school and community college energy technology instructors Golden, CO
June 11 Center for System Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA): Computer Hardware Essentials with Security Fundamentals for Teachers Elkhorn, WI
June 11 Information and Storage Management Garden Grove, CA
June 11-14 GeoTech Center Summer Workshop for Two Year Faculty Orange County, CA
June 11-15 Academy for College Excellence (ACE): Faculty Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) Pittsburg, CA
June 11-15 Grammar Review for Workplace Correspondence Rochester, NY
June 11-15 Is It For You: Starting Your Own Business Rochester, NY
June 13 Girl Tech Mentoring Workshop Springfield, IL
June 14 Learning on the Go Online
June 17-22 The Esri T3G Institute Redlands, CA
June 18 9th Annual Community College Program Day at BIO2012 Boston, MA
June 18-19 Leadership Skills for Engineering and Science Faculty Cambridge, MA
June 18-22 Microsoft Access 2010: Create a Database Rochester, NY
June 18-22 STEM Guitar Workshop - Butler County Community College Butler, PA
June 20 GCAT Synthetic Biology Workshop Ashburn, VA
June 21 HSPI Webinar: Reporting Out and Making Connections: 1 Day Public Presentation Online
June 21 Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL): HSPI Webinar: Reporting Out and Making Connections Online
June 22 CCNA Network Security Boston, MA
June 23-27 Tech Savvy Boston, MA
June 25-29 STEM Guitar Workshop - Ventura College, CA Ventura, CA
June 30 - July 3 RapidTech 2012 Workshop Orange County, CA

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Featured Resources: Guiding Students Towards ATE Careers

Careers in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

This interactive activity produced for Teachers' Domain investigates five possible career paths in advanced manufacturing technologies: design and development; production and quality assurance; inventory and distribution; health, safety, and environment; and installation, maintenance, and repair. Explore each path to learn more about the education and experience required for particular jobs such as model maker, industrial designer, machinist, quality control inspector, storage and distribution manager, purchasing agent, environmental science and protection technician, industrial safety and health engineer, industrial machinery technician, and industrial electronics technician.

Using Job-Shadowing Experiences

In this professional development video adapted from Getting Results, a student and a microbiologist talk about the student's job-shadowing experience in a biotechnology lab. The microbiologist explains how the experience exposes the student to the profession, thus helping her to make decisions about her future career. The student describes how the job-shadowing helps her understand what is involved in a biotechnology job.

Planning Your Future Career in Advanced Technology

In this media-rich, self-paced lesson, students explore the range of industries that produce and rely on advanced technology and learn how their skills and interests may align with career opportunities in this cutting-edge sector. The lesson contains videos that feature professionals describing their work and educational experiences, and provides details on the different college-level programs that prepare tomorrow's workers for the industries' challenging and well-paying jobs. The lesson concludes with activities that students can complete to help them more clearly define their goals and plan pathways to rewarding careers.

The ATE Central Outreach Kit

Part of being an ATE project or center is demonstrating broader impacts to NSF. One of the best ways to do this is to expand your outreach and dissemination. Deciding how to do outreach can be an overwhelming project, especially for projects with limited time, staff, and resources. However, outreach can support your project or center's success and sustainability. It's a great way to connect with people who are interested in and willing to support and amplify what you do.

In future ACCs, we will be featuring individual outreach tips and tricks, culled from ATE Central's own outreach efforts as well as efforts by others in the ATE community. For now, however, we encourage you to explore the ATE Outreach Kit. In the Kit, you will find step-by-step procedures for planning and implementing an outreach campaign, social media tips, and advice for connecting with the media, as well as an array of other resources. The sections can operate as a whole, but are also easily separated into constituent parts to support smaller or more targeted outreach. If, for example, you know you'd like to put together a media kit, you may simply use the Media Kit section to guide your strategy.

Finally, if you do use the Outreach Kit and have feedback, please let us know at We are constantly working to improve the usefulness of the Kit and appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Community Connection

Taking Advantage of ATE Teaching Resources

STEM Utensils Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs out there. It's a challenge to come up with new, effective ways to communicate with students, manage a classroom, or describe fundamental concepts. Fortunately, ATE Central has collected an abundance of resources from ATE projects and centers that focus on pedagogy, teaching, and professional development. (To find resources to meet your particular interests or needs, use the ATE Central Advanced Search.)

Because these resources are sourced from the ATE community, they tend to focus on skills, lessons, and strategies that meet the specific needs of ATE teachers and professors. For example, some of the resources focus on the possibilities and challenges of cooperative learning in ATE settings. In Cooperative Learning in Technical Courses, the authors both "outline several cooperative learning exercises that have worked particularly well for us in engineering courses" and "suggest ways to maximize the benefits of the approach and to deal with the difficulties that may arise when [cooperative learning] is implemented." This systematic approach to a teaching technique allows readers to follow along, decide whether the technique might work in their classrooms, and receive some concrete tips and tricks for implementation.

Other resources explore strategies for inquiry-based learning in the science classroom. These resources help instructors guide their students toward deep understandings of not only the subject at hand, but also the nature of scientific investigation. For example, Inquiry Strategies for the Journey North Teacher includes elements such as "Questions that help students consider evidence" and tips on responding to misconceptions or "wrong" answers. More focused resources, such as Effective Access: Teachers' Use of Digital Resources in STEM Education, offer in-depth studies of current practices in STEM teaching as well as some recommendations for STEM teachers and professors who are looking to expand their classroom repertoires.

In addition to the resources, ATE Central's events calendar often includes upcoming events targeting instructors in a variety of fields. In short, whether you're looking for new teaching strategies, or just interested in the strategies other ATE projects and centers have produced or found useful, ATE Central can support your goals.

Did you know?

In 2010, 40% of EvaluATE survey recipients were engaged in developing curriculum and educational materials, including courses, modules, and activities. These materials were intended to serve 2-year colleges, secondary schools, 4-year colleges, and business/industry partners.

News & Reminders

Are you registered for HI-TEC (July 23-26)?

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