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Upcoming Events

Global Education & Technology Online
VHDL & FPGA Design Workshop Chicago, IL
New "Proven Practices" on Women and STEM Webinar Online
ACE Webinar: Behavior System & Integration Workshop Online
NACK Webinar - Societal and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology - Part II Online
Security + Palos Hills, IL
NETLAB+ User Community Workshop Jacksonville, FL
SCME Pressure Sensor Cleanroom Workshop Tampa, FL
Winter 2013 ICT Educator Conference San Francisco, CA
25th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium Anaheim, CA
Create Renewable Energy Workshops San Luis Obispo, CA
American Association of Physics Teachers Winter Meeting 2013 New Orleans, LA
FELI in Monterey Bay Salinas, CA
Information Storage and Management Palos Hills, IL
ASTE 2013 International Conference Charleston, SC
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure & Manage Palos Hills, IL
EvaluATE Webinar: Developing Questions for Effective Surveys Online
Private POGIL Workshop at Gallaudet University Washington, DC
1-Day Private POGIL Workshop for Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) Chicago, IL
NACK Webinar - (Three Part Series) Trends in Nano: Technology Online
Florida Educational Technology Conference Orlando, FL
Digital Fab Lab Community (DFLC) - STEM Guitar Workshop
NetWorks Webinar: Technology Program Review & Recommendations - Evaluating Programs Online
NetWorks Webinar: Technology Program Review & Recommendations - Surviving Program Review Online
NACK Webinar - Nanotechnology Demos and Simulations Online

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Featured Resources in Learning & Evaluation

From EvaluATE:

From the DECA Project:

DECA Project: Presentations and Publications

This page includes an archive of the presentations and publications created by the DECA (Discovering the Educational Consequences of Advanced Technological Education) Project, located at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The presentations and publications, which include a number of white papers, are available for download in PowerPoint and PDF file formats.

Social Media Tip of the Month

Linking Up with LinkedIn

LinkedIn LinkedIn is the largest and most vibrant professional network. It represents an opportunity for indirect project promotion and thought leadership. Business pages are most appropriate for your project's umbrella organization or host, but individual networks can also be useful. For example, individuals can contribute to groups or associations and related conversation, and they can also respond to answers, an area which takes queries from various fields.

LinkedIn also offers some general features that may be of particular use to the ATE community. For example, members can form groups, which include discussion forums, to keep in touch with geographically dispersed colleagues. Project and center PIs and staff can use the website to network with other people who can support their initiatives, like potential industry partners or prospective campus allies. Finally, simply having a LinkedIn profile increases your visibility and makes it easier to strike up a conversation with someone else in the community.

Like all forms of social media, LinkedIn comes with its own set of pros and cons. You should expect to spend some time on the site if you want to reap the benefits of what it has to offer, but the time commitment is significantly less than other social media options like Facebook or Twitter.

Pros of LinkedIn:

  • Connects your project or center to a professional community audience
  • Good site for presenting research findings, white papers, or other documents about your work
  • Minimal maintenance time

Cons of LinkedIn:

  • Relatively small and specialized audience
  • Focused mostly on professional-to-professional connection (rather than, for example, community-building)

What to plan for:

  • Create a business page and include Facebook and Twitter links if available
  • Join groups and comb through answers for opportunities to engage with and contribute to the community

Community Connection

Thinking about submitting a proposal for HI-TEC? Here's why you should.

HI-TEC The High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) has become a mainstay of the ATE community conference circuit. As a national conference focused on advanced technological education in a variety of disciplines, co-produced by a consortium of ATE centers and projects, HI-TEC is a great place to meet ATE colleagues, find out what other projects and centers are doing, keep up with new technologies, and make connections with industry.

Although the conference will not take place until July 21-24, 2013, the organizing committee is now accepting proposals for half-day preconference workshops (due January 14), variable-length conference sessions, and poster sessions (both due February 1). Information on how to sign up for a technology showcase booth will be available in January of 2013. Since the 500+ conference attendees are predominantly 2-year and 4-year college technical or science educators, the conference presents ATE projects and centers with a unique opportunity to showcase their work to a targeted audience. In addition, presenting at HI-TEC—whether you're interested in covering half a day or 45 minutes—can be a critical part of your project or center's outreach and dissemination strategy.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your project/center, please consider submitting a proposal to HI-TEC. Although more complete information is available on the website, for conference sessions, preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Cover new activities, successful approaches, lessons learned, or content development.
  • Report and provide a detailed case study of successful models for recruiting and retaining students,¬†working with other educational institutions or partnerships with industry and other external organizations or other such topics.
  • Report new content or information that is a result of collaboration between projects, centers, industry, or other partners.
  • Contain new, recently developed hands-on learning activities, experiments or demonstrations which provide participants with take away resources.

So if you and your team have an innovative idea for a proposal or panel you'd like to put together and share with the ATE community, other educators, and industry partners, be sure to submit a proposal to HI-TEC 2013. Whether you're submitting a proposal or not, HI-TEC is a great place to make connections and learn more about the exciting work other ATE projects and centers are doing, so mark your calendars and register in February. We look forward to seeing you in Austin!

Did you know?

Between 2006 and 2011, ATE grantees created 1,110 commercially published materials.

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