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Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of Light and Lasers Online
WomenTech Educators Online Training Fellowship Online
iGETT - Remote Sensing Varies
NetWorks Webinar: Technology Program Review & Recommendations - Evaluating Programs Online
NetWorks Webinar: Technology Program Review & Recommendations - Surviving Program Review Online
NACK Webinar - Nanotechnology Demos and Simulations Online
NetWorks Webinar: New Technologies in Renewable Energies Online
1-Day Introductory POGIL Workshop at Linfield College McMinnville, OR
Innovations 2013 Dallas, TX
VHDL and FPGAs: Beginner Course Hudson Valley, NY
EvaluATE Webinar: From Valuing to Visualization: Data Interpretation and Reporting Online
NACK Webinar - Trends in Nano: Program Development Online
Instructional Strategies for Introductory Physics (ISIP) Workshop Appleton, WI
NetWorks Webinar: Developmental Ed in STEM: Student Perspectives Online
CalGIS: 19th Annual California GIS Conference Long Beach, CA
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity Professional Development Institute Arlington, VA
NetWorks Webinar: Developmental Ed in STEM: Promising Practices Online
93rd AACC Annual Convention San Francisco
NACK Webinar - Successful Models for Nano Outreach Online
SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2013 Online

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Resources on Best Practices for Improving Access for Students with Disabilities

From Access Tech Careers:

From MATEC NetWorks:

Access eLearning

This tutorial is comprised of 10 modules that offer information, instructional techniques, and practice labs on how to make the most common needs in distance education accessible for individuals with disabilities, and enhance the usability of online materials for all students. The modules cover topics such as planning for accessibility in distance education, and making video, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Word, PDF and many other documents accessible for students with disabilities.

From ICT Center:

Universal Design/Accessibility

The Information and Communications Technologies Center (ICT) presents this collection of links to a number of online tutorials on the topic of universal design and accessibility. The links fall under the categories of technology and internet access, employment resources for people with disabilities, advocacy and services for people with disabilities, government sites and legislative documents and publications.

Social Media Tip of the Month

Networking with Newsletters

Moveable Type Once you've established your presence as a project or center, you will undoubtedly have information you wish to communicate to educational and industry partners, stakeholders, and the general public. One way to accomplish this is by publishing a newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to reach a broad audience of people who might be interested in the work you are doing. They enhance your visibility, remind your partners of what you're working on, and can be passed on for wide reaching impact. If you're considering starting a newsletter, we have some tips to make the process pain-free and rewarding:

  • Decide why you're starting a newsletter and what will go in it. Will you publish interviews with college or university instructors? Success stories from program graduates? News about what you have developed with your project or center grant?
  • Decide how frequently you'd like to publish your newsletter, and who your intended audience is. For many projects and centers, a quarterly or biannual newsletter will be frequent enough to cover major developments without costing too much time.
  • While content is king, it doesn't hurt to design an easy-to-read email to send out to your readers. Free or inexpensive services like MailChimp make this easy.
  • Make sure past issues of your newsletter are archived on your website so that new students or partners can find them easily.

If you already send out a newsletter, please let us know! We are planning to add newsletters to the ATE Social Media Guide, and would love to give yours some more visibility. Feel free to email us with the link or any questions at

Community Connection

Webinars: Widening Your Circle Without Leaving Home

Webcam Many ATE projects and centers attend conferences throughout the year to learn about best practices, make new connections, and see what others in their areas are doing. When budgets are tight, however, finding professional development opportunities can be a challenge. Fortunately, a number of ATE projects and centers offer webinars throughout the year. Webinars are free, only require an hour or two to attend, and provide a great opportunity for you to meet others in the ATE community, learn about new teaching techniques, and more.

Check out the ATE Central Events Calendar to find upcoming webinars to attend (there are quite a few in February and March), or consider trying one of these upcoming events:

As always, please let us know if you plan to hold a webinar by submitting it to the Events Suggestion page so we can add it to the events calendar and help it receive the attention it deserves.

Did you know?

According to the American Association for Community Colleges, State and local governments reap a 16 percent return on every dollar they invest in community colleges due to the increased earnings of community college graduates.

News & Reminders

Congratulations to CSSIA on their Science Nation Feature!

Last week, the Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) was featured in NSF's Science Nation. You can watch the short video or read the accompanying transcript online. In the video, CSSIA instructors and students share their experiences, their reasons for pursuing cybersecurity, and in at least one case, their successes. It's a great overview of the program, and an inspiring look into what ATE projects and centers can accomplish.

Collecting Newsletter Links

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